Nail Lacquer – For That Do-It-Yourself Manicure

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A few nice colors of nail lacquer should be in every woman's cosmetics bag. Certain nail lacquer brands can help improve nail growth, prevent nails from breaking or cracking, make them stronger, and help break addictive nail biting behaviors. Plus, a stunning nail polish can be the ultimate accessory to complete any look. A fashionable outfit is simply not the same without perfectly applied cosmetics and a unique coat of nail varnish.

Much like skin, our nails thin with age. They are also ten times more porous than skin. Although some people can boast stronger nails than others, every nail needs to be perfectly cared for and treated. A good first step is to take a multivitamin, especially one with vitamins A through E, which are beneficial to healthy nail growth. It's also a good idea to use a nail protein formula before applying nail lacquer. A good formula to treat naturally dry, hard nails is Nailtiques Formula #3 for women. Remove any old nail polish first, shape the nails, and soften and remove cuticles before applying product. Once the protein formula has dried, you can move on to your choice of nail polish.

For a natural polished look, try a clear polish like Dior Vernis Nail Lacquer # 001. Clear nail polish protects the nails from absorbing chemicals in things like dishwashing liquid, and helps prevent nail splitting. When you want to add some color to your overall look, try to switch up your nail lacquer shade with the seasons, or even as often as you change outfits. The most popular colors you can have in your cosmetics bag include a deep, sexy red, a peachy pink shade for summer, a basic black or deep purple, and a nude tone for a more casual look. Orange and brown shades are great for bringing out the bronze highlights in darker skin tones. Women with porcelain skin tones should choose light pink and berry red colors.

When selecting a nail lacquer, be aware that not all formulas are the same. Some cheap nail polishes can be prone to chipping and faster wear than other brands. The life of your nail lacquer also depends on the time and effort spent on applying the product, so be sure to let the base protein formula dry completely before applying the first base coat of color. Keep applying top coats until you reach the desired richness of color and protection.  

03 Sep, 2011

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