Make-up tips

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Before puting on make up you must clean your face with tonic or something like that.You must thoroughly clean the areas under the eyes because sometimes it stays under your eye black color and looks like you have dark circle.After that deep cleaning you can start applying makeup.First place surface in your color but not too dark or too light.When you choose your background in a shop put on  your hand and see if that agree with the skin color.That is so important to see that colors match.Don't buy make-up if you just like pack,you will spend a lot of money and you won't buy what you need.

if you don't like powder pressed powder you can use liquid powder.When you are in shop read labels carefully.If you already buy liquid powder it would be preferable to be without oil.When you put liquid foundation well spread powder lest you have diffrent color of face and neck.Wait a little while and it absorbs,and put blush.Blush place in the following way:laugh and then put under cheekbones blush.Also use highlighter.You can use white shadow like highlighter.Highlighter put on the top of cheekbones.For a fresher look, use only mascara on eyes.If you use eyeliner, you need time to practice.Advice for eye makeup,never use the same color that you currently wear on,for example if you wear purple don't put purple shadow.If you have large eyes, put the crayon inside the eye, but if you have small eyes, do not putthe crayon inside the eye that will reduce your eyes.If you have small eyes put around them white shadow, cream shade, lightershades, it will make your eyes look bigger.

When you makeup lips put first  lipstick and second lip gloss,so will last longer.

I don't have advice for putting mascara only thing you need is a good mascara.

When you have free time sit in front of the mirror and try out what you can do with makeup, and what is best for you and what do you like the best.


14 Sep, 2011

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