Learn About The Best Anti Aging Products For Healthy Skin

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Those of us, who have been looking for the best anti aging products for healthy skin for a while, have learned to steer clear of the big beauty companies. If you are just starting to compare what's on the market, you might not understand the reasons we avoid the big brand names. There are several reasons.

First of all, the big companies have yet to change their viewpoint about how to protect or improve the skin's health. Their representatives still believe that petrolatum is a good ingredient for skincare.

Petrolatum is white petroleum jelly; a byproduct created when oil is refined and converted into gasoline. The conventional viewpoint is that petrolatum is an inactive ingredient, which can do no harm. Years ago, it was thought to be good for everything.

Scientists have proven that petrolatum cannot improve the skin's condition or speed healing. They recommend against the use of creams containing it on burns.

Several dermatologists noticed years ago that when used in large amounts, petrolatum seemed to contribute to the visible signs of age. Recent scientific studies have explained why that happens. The studies also explain why the best anti aging products for healthy skin are those that do not contain petrolatum.

Petrolatum and other petroleum-based products are converted into free radicals when exposed to sunlight. In one study, mineral oil, which is simply the liquefied form of the compound, was shown to speed the growth of cancerous tumors.

 Free radical damage is a cause of wrinkles, sagging and cancer.

That is only one example of an ingredient that the big cosmetic companies continue to use despite scientific evidence showing they are bad for the skin's health. There are hundreds of other examples, too many to list them all here in this article.

The best anti aging products for healthy skin are those that contain no petroleum-based ingredients. Instead of contributing to free radical damage, they help prevent and reverse it. If you know anything about free radicals, you know that antioxidants are the only things that can defeat them.

One of the most potent antioxidants is coenzyme Q10. A unique form of COQ10 has been shown to penetrate into the skin's layers to prevent and reverse free radical damage. That's one of the ingredients you will find in the best anti aging products for healthy skin.

You might want to learn about some of the others. They can really make a difference in your appearance.


06 Sep, 2011

Source: http://gordonhall.articlesbase.com/skin-care-articles/learn-about-the-best-anti-aging-products-for-healthy-skin-5191473.html
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