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Plus size model Ljubenka Milunovic

Healthy habits ... Ljubenka Milunovic's diet gets nutritionist's tick of approval.

From Sunday Life

My day on a plate: Ljubenka Milunovic
Plus-size model and ambassador for fashion label Sara

8am A smoothie (with fruits in season, flaxseed oil, coconut oil, vitamin C powder, goji berries, goat's milk yoghurt and almond milk), with a short black Turkish coffee and rye toast with avocado and cheese.

11am A snack of raw nuts.

1.30pm A wrap with avocado, smoked salmon, cheese, spinach, cucumber and salad, plus water.

4pm Cheese, olives and crackers, then another short black Turkish coffee or an organic green tea, depending on my mood.

8.30pm Dinner can be steamed fish and vegies, or a brown-rice tortilla with Mexican beans, or maybe a vegetarian lasagne. Everything has to have cheese, and halibut or salmon is my fish of choice. Because I don't eat meat, it's important to make sure I get protein from seafood or cheese. I like to cook with olive oil or coconut oil but I try to eat healthy, wholesome food. Coconut oil is fantastic with seafood. As a rule of thumb, at every meal, I aim to eat something green and orange/red. I try not to snack after dinner, but if I'm craving something sweet I'll have either squares of dark chocolate or some black liquorice.

Nutritionist Dr Joanna McMillan says:
Ljubenka's rules of thumb are good. Colour in a plant food is usually the antioxidant present, so the more different natural colours you eat, the broader the range of phytochemicals.

Coconut oil has a bad reputation as it is high in saturated fat, but this is unjust as it is not cholesterol-raising saturated fat. It is also rich in medium-chain triglycerides, which are more readily used as fuel by the body than other types of fat.

Whole nuts are a much better means of adding those beneficial fats in a nutrient-dense package. I'm also a big fan of olive oil.

Cheese is fabulous for protein and calcium, but it is high in cholesterol-raising saturated fat and is also relatively energy dense. So a little goes a long way.

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13 Sep, 2011

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