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Laser hair removal has become a growing trend. Not only are movie stars and millionaires able to get this procedure done, but the common, everyday woman can have it done as well. The operation is short and practically painless. The cost has dropped substantially since it was first introduced to the cosmetic surgery scene during the 1970s. Today it is a popular way to attain the beauty standards that modern society desires. Laser hair removal in Anaheim is something that was basically experimental technology until the 1990s, when it became commercially available. Until that time, only a select few people were able to have the laser hair removal in Anaheim performed on them. Today the dermatology community accepts the practice of hair removal using laser technology, although they were not friendly to the idea when it was first introduced. There is primarily one main principle behind laser hair removal: this is the principle of Selective Thermolysis. Basically, Selective Thermolysis is when a specific wavelength of light is matched with pulse duration to achieve a desired effect on an area of tissue without harming the area of the surrounding tissue. The short and long of this is that a specific area of tissue – or a hair follicle- is targeted by a laser, or a condensed strip of light, that basically kills the follicle at its root. It took scientists years to perfect this art, and today it's incredibly effective.

Laser hair removal in Burbank and laser hair removal in Pasadena all offer professional cosmetic surgeons that will perform the operation. The effectiveness of the procedure can differ from person to person, depending on the texture and color of the hair that is being removed. Every patient needs a basic treatment of about seven sessions to properly remove all of their unwanted hair. It is also generally recommended that patients wait for about three to eight weeks between each session.

Facilities for laser hair removal in Beverley Hills will tell you that hair can only be removed if it is an actively growing follicle. In other words, the repeated number of sessions depends entirely on whether or not the hair is growing or not. Because of this you have to return when the growth of new hair appears in order to kill it. More frequent visitations are required on different parts of the body, the face in particular. Once the operation has been performed, it takes about two to three weeks for the lasered hairs to be shed. They should not be tampered with. They should be allowed to fall out in their own time; otherwise the patient's skin may become irritated.

There is sometimes a side effect to laser hair removal in Beverly Hills or laser hair removal in any other city, such as swelling, redness and itching around the area that has been treated. However, side effects such as these rarely last longer than three days. If they do, patients should immediately contact a doctor before the symptoms have a chance to progress.

Laser hair removal in Anaheim is short and easy, as it is at any facility for laser hair removal in Pasadena. Patients can expect a little pain, such as small burning or stinging sensations during the operation. Other than that, the procedure, at the facility for laser hair removal in Burbank for example, is very simple. Numbing creams are sometimes administered for any discomfort.

03 Sep, 2011

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