Hair removal for men? how?

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Although grooming and, well, taking pride in one's appearance is generally considered to be a feminine quality, a new market is appearing with an increasing number of male clients getting in on the act by opting for laser hair removal.

Gone are the days of the hairy man, replaced by his metrosexual counterpart. Hairy shoulders, chests and arms are a thing of the past as a new, smooth man is coming to the fore thanks to improvements in laser hair removal technologies.

Problem areas: The biggest worry for many male clients is a hairy back, often cited in women's magazines as a woman's biggest turn off. Hairy shoulders, necks and arms are also major areas that men often wish to have treated. Some men worry about their feet and hands, while some particular attentive groomers want their eyebrows or beards permanently shaped.
What men need to be aware of: Lasers are used to kill the root of the hair, preventing unwanted strands from growing. Because of the vast number of hairs on a man's chest, this process can take up to an hour and repeat treatments are required to make sure the majority of the hair is permanently gone. Waiting time of around six weeks is required between sessions in which time the client's skin must be kept out of sunlight, as changing the levels of melanoma in the skin can change the settings needed on the laser

Success rate: Laser treatment has the best effect removing dark hair from light skin, as the laser can more easily pick out the contrast in colour. Different skin types require different lasers to make sure best results are gained. Hair removal is considered permanent, but as the client ages, he may find himself requiring 'top up' treatments every few years.

Candidates: There's no upper age limit on laser treatment, although lower limit varies depending on where the client wishes to get the work done. As lasers work best on dark hair, it's more effective to get it done before the grey sets in too much.

Effect: The effect varies for different people. Most clients will see a permanent reduction or elimination of their hair, while some clients will require periodic top up treatments every few year, to give them better, longer lasting results. Compared to other methods of hair removal, lasers give the longest term solution while also giving the least hassle and almost no pain.

02 Sep, 2011

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