Goodbye to unwanted hair

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Hirsutism is a harmless physical condition wherein a person has excessive amount of hair in the body. This can affect both men and women. Experts agree the cause of hirsutism, also known as frazonism, is having higher than normal levels of male hormones (androgens). 

Some people, especially women, may feel embarrassed if they have excess body hair. In addition, this can negatively affect their confidence and self-esteem. Too much hair in the body can also be considered unhygienic since it can foster lice production and body odor.

A lot of people resort to trying different hair removal methods, whether temporary or permanent.  Temporary hair removal procedures include shaving manually or with help of electric shavers. Others use depilatories, which are creams or shaving powders containing chemicals that dissolve and remove hair. Other temporary hair removal methods are waxing, sugaring, and threading.

The recognized permanent hair removal procedures in the United States are intense pulsed light (IPL) and laser hair removal. These use electric current which permanently damages an individual's hair follicle so they do not grow back. It may take several treatments to achieve best results depending on the amount of hair a person has.

The laser hair removal Wellington has can remove even the smallest hair in the body. During the procedure, a slight heat or tingling sensation can be felt by the patient due to the amount of heat used in the treatment. Patients do not have to worry since the pain is tolerable. If the pain scale of a certain patient is low, topical anesthesia can be applied on the target area.

Experts of the laser hair removal West Palm Beach offers know this procedure has a high incidence rate of burns, blisters and scarring; that is why they only use the most advanced technology. In addition, only highly trained people with exceptional knowledge about different skin types and the appropriate laser to be used for each are allowed to perform the procedure.

Results of the laser hair removal West Palm Beach FL has may vary since individuals have different hormonal levels and metabolism. Hair removal experts ensure the procedure's safety, and quality, as well as the satisfaction of the client. 

03 Sep, 2011

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