Glendale Ca provides the Pelleve System

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Since the world changes more and more irritants and pollutants are affecting people. The skin protects us from all these but what would protect it? Pelleve, will erase all the marks of facial skin problems these irritants have caused. If you are in California there is only one Doctor who offers this facial care system, dr marina gold, reviews says that she is the best in this state and is the only one trusted by Pelleve brand to offer in this state.

How does it work? This system uses non invasive technology that will reduce your wrinkles immediately after the treatment. Usually the treatment will only last for fifteen to forty five minutes. This technology uses collagen remodeling system that allows your skin to look like what it was before. This technology is so well founded and researched to be safe and have no side effects at all. This technology does not need to run a scalpel on your face, meaning no blood no messy creams and no anesthesia to be injected. Its a hundred percent safe and can be done often as desired. This technology uses a pulsating device that is run on the skin that has wrinkles or fold.

You will prepare for the treatment by making sure you did not use any cream, make up or perfume on the face or neck. You will have to lay down on a treatment chair. You can expect no pain at all during the treatment, it is done right away and you will see immediate effects after the treatment, usually patients are advised to go through at least three sessions of this treatment.

If you have heard of Botox and painful facelifts, it's time to forget both. This technology uses the chemicals already in your body, meaning no more need to use artificial fluids to make you look good. This is a smart way to look young and beautiful. In terms of payment this treatment is inexpensive comparing to botox and painful facelifts. Usually the results last for more than 180 days from the last treatment. The Pelleve system is so safe that the pulsating device can be run on the most sensitive part of the face like the skin surrounding the eyes.

As a final note, It is advised that contact Dr Gold for a consultation to make sure that the treatment would be effective to you as well. Dr. Gold is the only one in the Glendale area that has been allowed to use this system and was trained to do so by the developers themselves. It is most wise to go to her directly if you are interested to go through this treatment.

26 Sep, 2011

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