Garter Is More Important Than The Color of Eye

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Garter Is More Important Than The Color of Eye


"Her garter." My husband did not hesitate to answer.My dear husband and I are sitting in one of the world's most beautiful balcony.This building belongs to our friend.


which is an imitation of the temple of Athena,and has luxury villas, endless breathtakingly beautiful view.Point lights in night is romantic.Clearly, it is infected by the front romantic atmosphere.The lovely hostess then asked all of the man who are present: " What point do you most admire for her?"


All the people seem to have been infected, suddenly be poetry again.Even the couple who is still having a heated argument the half hour before, also used sweet voice tells us the first met.Her boyfriend tell the way she walked and her hair, her smile with the moving words.

Only one person simply replied: "her eyes."
Our dear hostess who is very smart continued to ask: "So how do you describe her eyes?"
So he began to describes how he love her blue eyes in the dim night, until his wife who has been married for twelve years and is the goddess in his mind interrupted him."My dear, my eyes are brown." She said.


Then it was our turn. Analysised from a psychological point of view, we all expect him to speak something rather special,and had a delicate observation.
"What is it in the end?" Friends further asked, "to make you love her?"
"Her garter." My husband did not hesitate to answer.

After a few hours' insultin , I finally recovered my reason.
"Now you tell me, how did you see my garters?Was not I wearing a knee in the skirt?"
"Because of your skirt has slits, and you sitting on the ground, while I sit on the floor."

He can at least describe how attractive is my eyes, and my lips,my witty jokes, or my smile can not resist, and so on.While this is an generous insult  , but my husband has always been honest,where I appreciate.

Just knowing a good lingerie store,and not bad economic conditions, coupled with a bit frivolous, I would be willing to pay whether man-made fibers or silk caviar for the price which is as the twice as per gram equivalent.At the same time ,I ran across this lovely man.However, this habit sometimes will put on the spot.If my mother knew my husband would be staring at my garter,her heart will be about to jump out of her mouse.

05 Sep, 2011

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