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I am a 26-year-old male experiencing a mild case of acne for the last few months. I have never had acne before this. Please advise.
Shiva Prasad V

Acne in men is mainly genetic, but stress and weather changes can trigger off the condition that was dormant, and aggravate it. In hot and humid weather, the sebaceous glands get overactive and produce more sebum, making your skin look oily. This sebum blocks the pores, which then get infected and lead to comedones and result in acne. Consult a doctor, as the treatment can be recommended after a thorough skin analysis. Till then you can use a salicylic acid-based face wash to help reduce the oiliness. A mud-based face mask also helps in absorbing the excess sebum secreted.

My husband has a bald patch on his head. His father is also bald. Are hair creams, that claim to cause hair growth, effective? Will shaving off the head lead to thicker hair growth?
Preeti S

The number of hair follicles that a person is born with, remains the same throughout his life. No medication or shaving, can make them increase. As hair loss is genetic, your husband can do little to stop it. He can delay this phenomenon by taking oral supplements which have Biotin and Calcium Panthotenate. But all this is better done under medical supervision. The other solution would be to get hair weaving or a hair transplant done.

— Dr Jamuna Pai is a leading cosmetologist

05 Sep, 2011

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