Don't Let (Your Hair) Down

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Top Three Healthy Hair Habits

We always say that our hair is our "crowning glory" and we live by this adage every day to take care of our hair. However, we may have forgotten how to do this without thinking of hair products and hair care services. Have we become so dependent on salons, stylists and bottles of products to make our hair beautiful and healthy? It's possible. Or our lifestyle has changed so much that we can't pamper our hair any other way. Unless your modeling gigs are all about your body and never your head, your hair can definitely add some good points to your overall look as a model. Going to the salon often to have you hair taken care of professionally can be costly and time consuming. If you practice some healthy hair habits, will these acts of kindness for your hair really help? Yes, definitely!

Here are the top three healthy hair habits you should practice (without which any hair care products will fail or not work as advertised):

Yes, you suspected as much – a healthy lifestyle promotes healthy hair. Whether we like it or not, lifestyle impacts our overall health including that of your hair. Smoking can make your hair brittle. Deadly chemicals from cigarettes prevent your cells from supplying nutrients and oxygen to your body including your hair. Poor diet, lack of exercise, lack of sleep and excessive stress can also be damaging for your hair. Are you going to the salon very often now for hair treatments? You may need a lifestyle change than you care to admit.

Practice healthy brushing techniques. Don't brush or comb your hair unless your hair is dry. Wet hair breaks more easily. Before brushing your dry hair, comb it first to remove tangles. The best kind of brush to use is one that is made of natural animal hair and your comb should have widely spaced bristles and smooth tips. Don't use plastic brushes or combs which create static electricity.

Wash your hair the right way. Avoid showering with hot water because it can dry your hair and irritate the scalp. You can wash your two to three times a week. However, the more you put products like gel and spray on your hair the greater need to wash it. Also rinse your hair thoroughly before and after applying shampoo. Shampoo residue can attract dirt or dry your scalp and hair. Lather once only and be gentle when doing it.

By Mike Wheatley

Photo Model , modeling and photography portal

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14 Sep, 2011

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