Curing your nail with UV lamp

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Nails are something that forms a significant part of your overall beauty and it is important that you cure them to perfection to get the best finish. UV lamp form an integral part of every good salon. Even there are people who like to have it at their homes to do the nails at home. This is because UV lamp help cure the gels, acrylics and enamels on your nails to a perfection. They cure the product on the nail completely preventing it from cracking down. They look better, last longer and provide a good finish to your nails. Keeping these things in mind, it becomes very important to select the right UV lamp for curing your nails.


There are various models of the UV lamp available in the market from different manufacturers. Also these generally come with different features as the timers and the energy saving modes to provide you the convenience of use. There are really a wide range of lamps and bulbs for you to choose from. Also keep into mind the wattage of the lamp. There are available in different versions. A lamp with more wattage will help to reduce the curing time and a smaller one might do the same thing but might not be very much ideal for a salon. So, it becomes very important to consider buying the correct wattage of the UV lamp.


Also some lamps are designed only to cure the feet nails and others work well on the hands. Also you can find ones that can work ell on both feet and the hand nails. It is purely your decision what functionality you want in the UV lamp you are going to buy. There are some models that can help rest your client's hands on. A thorough analysis of the different models will help you make the best decision in buying the lamp to cure your nails in the perfect way. The budget will vary according to the model you choose and will be a determining factor in deciding the lamp for you. Make sure that use the device with care and follow the manufacturer's instructions to keep safe while using it.

05 Sep, 2011

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