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For years, Jaime Perez tried dozens of drugstore creams and lotions in an effort to get rid of his acne, but none of them worked.

"I had so many pimples and every time one would go away, another one would come back up," said the nineteen-year-old student.

A few months ago, his mom suggested he make an appointment with esthetician Virginia Mabbun, whose Glenview office happens to share office space with Perez's dentist's office. Now, four months later, Perez is thrilled with his skin.

"I was surprised because nothing had ever worked before," said Perez.

How does it work?

Licensed esthetician Virginia Mabbun, owner of P. Antonio Skin Care in Glenview starts a new patient with a consultation where she evaluates the skin. She then does patch treatments to identify how the person reacts to different cleansers, exfoliators and acne creams and to determine which products to use.

"The treatment is a combination of a very intensive homecare routine and bi-monthly office visits for light chemical peels and extractions," said Mabbun, who for the past three years has dedicated her practice to treating acne. "It's a system that is based on different categories and severity of the acne."

Mabbun, who is 44, said her program is rooted in the research she did with a California-based esthetician and her own life as a teenager with bad acne.

"In my experience, dermatologists don't take the time to talk to you," she said. "They look at you and give you a prescription. They didn't really help me."

Mabbun said she met an esthetician who coached her on what to use on her skin, and that's when her acne improved significantly.

How long does it take to see results?

"Patients usually see results in 6-12 weeks on the condition that they are following the regimented homecare and that they keep their visits," said Mabbun, who uses products that can only be found in professional salons.

How much does the treatment cost?

It's $45 for the initial consultation, and each visit after that is $85. The total cost of the products for each patient ranges from $140-$170.

"I know firsthand the embarrassment people feel," said Mabbun about having bad acne, "I try to tell patients that we can manage your acne and get it under control but it doesn't happen overnight. But once people start seeing results, they're a lot happier."

"Everyone started noticing that my skin was clear," said Perez, "It made me feel confident and happy."

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27 Sep, 2011

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