Bringing Beauty Back to Your Personal Style

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What did you learn about yourself from part 1 where we discussed how living with a wardrobe you don't love undermines your spirit, sacrifices your dreams and wastes your time? What are your hidden costs of having an uninspired wardrobe?

Keep those notes handy because now we are going to talk about how you start to create a wardrobe and personal style you love. (If you missed Part 1, here's the link)

The truth is that this is a journey…a life-long experience. It isn't something you do once and then it's done forever. Yes, creating a personal style you love means paying attention, but first and foremost it means making some changes if you don't already have a wardrobe you adore. The only way you lose is if you give up!

So, here are 3 steps to help you make changes now:

  1. Organize your existing wardrobe. Okay, before you panic and say that's worse than shopping, I'm here to help. My new FREE e-course (which you can get by subscribing to my Nurturing Beauty Publication) is now available and will take you step by step (baby steps, really!) through this cleansing and uplifting (yes, it will be uplifting) journey. Please promise you won't skip this step before going on to the next one. This step is first for a reason. Trying to create a personal style you love while your closet is filled with stuff that doesn't serve you will only lead to frustration and discouragement – I've seen it happen many times (and have done it myself!).
  2. Identify one element missing from your wardrobe. Please resist the temptation to make a list the size of the phone book of things that are missing from your wardrobe. That will only overwhelm you and keep you from moving forward. Choose just onefor now.
    • Let's say it's shoes. I know there's a good chance there are lots of reasons you don't have the shoes you need (wide feet, can't wear heels, bunions, long, narrow feet, wear orthotics, etc.). Don't go there. Focus on what you do want, e.g., pretty basic shoes to go with pants, a charming pair of shoes to go with a skirt…or whatever will make you happy). Then…
    • People watch. See what shoes other women are wearing. Look for ones you like that you think might fit your requirements. (Don't take time to bemoan about what won't work for you. Keep your focus on what you do want.) When you see someone wearing a pair of shoes you like, stop her. Tell her you love her shoes and was wondering where she got them. I bet she'll be delighted you noticed and will be happy to share.
    • Shop somewhere new. So many people get stuck shopping at the same place over and over. If you don't like the results, it's time to find some new places to shop. Even if you think you've tried everywhere, keep looking. There are always new places popping up and stores that seem to be the world's best-kept secrets. If you are open to finding them they will appear. I've seen it happen over and over.(Do the same thing if your critical need is a new haircut, a dress for a wedding, bathing suit or even basic black pants – whatever your critical need is. There's always an answer.)
  3. Keep it positive. If you go shopping with the attitude that there are no shoes out there that fit you…that your feet are impossible and everything hurts…all the good shoes are too expensive…guess what you'll find! Yup, you guessed it – you'll get exactly what you expect. Start to change all that now (and don't beat yourself up if you fall back into old habits or don't at first succeed…just keep going).If your experience has been one way for a long time, just congratulate yourself on every little success (no matter how small) along the way. It will pay off in the end. So, picture yourself wearing the most beautiful pair of shoes (don't get hung up on the specifics – go with the feeling), or perfectly fitting black pants or whatever you are looking. Keep this picture and feeling front and center as you shop.

Bonus: Only buy and wear something if you love it and think it is beautiful. There are no exceptions. This is your opportunity to bring beauty back (if it has been missing) to your wardrobe and style.

Be diligent in following these steps, and you will see a difference.

Little successes add up to big successes. Keep this concept in mind when you are feeling frustrated. Whatever you do, don't give up! Support is always available.

This is a very important topic, and I recommend highly that you go back and read this more than once. We all need little reminders that we can have what we want. By understanding that you deserve it and by taking these baby steps, I promise you can feel great about the way you look.

If having a wardrobe and personal style you love seems elusive at best and time consuming and frustrating at worst, use these steps to help keep you focused and motivated, and celebrate each little success along the way!

02 Sep, 2011

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