Botox: King of Wrinkle Treatments

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Botox is the King of Wrinkle Treatments, a title that has been supported time and time again by the millions of treatments performed every year worldwide (5.4 million in 2010 to be exact, according to American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery) – and the numbers are consistently rising. So many men and women have been treated with Botox injections that it is really is a common, household name for "wrinkle fighter".


Do you want to witness the stunning results that Botox can achieve for you? Do you want to see how your wrinkles can disappear after a relatively short period of time for recovery? Are you a man or woman who is tired of seeing a tired face in the mirror that needs rejuvenation? Talk to your cosmetic medical pro about Botox!


What You See After Treatment

After your relatively quick procedure, which typically lasts around 15 to 20 minutes, you probably won't notice anything except for some redness, swelling and a bit of bruising that may come in a few hours afterward. Don't be disappointed! Botox needs a bit of time to get really into the muscles to start working its magic. You'll need about a week or so, a period of time over which the treated muscles will relax and then BAM…your wrinkles disappear! The process is gradual but it can be quite dramatic when you finally get to see the smoothness you've longed for all this time.


Results are temporary, as you probably already know, due to the naturally occurring protein Botox is composed of which the body reabsorbs. However, most patients believe it's worth it, especially when you consider the alternative: painful surgery involving knives and a longer recovery period.


Your Next Appointment

Your medical pro who performs the treatment will let you know when you should schedule your next injection, as this depends on your body, the extent of your concern and how you take to the injected Botox. On average, however, you should expect to schedule a subsequent treatment within a few months, especially if it's your first treatment. It's incredibly important to follow this schedule, since it will help maintain the desirable effects of treatment and keep you looking fabulous!


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06 Sep, 2011

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