Beauty has its Disadvantages

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Beauty has its Disadvantages

By: Jawface,

We all have things we would like to changes in our appearances. From a flat booty to a flat stomach, we are always trying to find ways to improve the way we look. Some people are very lucky to be beautiful and have a great body. It seems as though life for the beautiful people just seems better. Are the beautiful people lucky? On the other hand, do we look at things the wrong way? In reality, the people who are not as good looking and or do not have a great body are the lucky ones. I know your thinking that I am crazy, but let me explain.

Beauty has its advantages, but also its disadvantages. Many people try to use their physical appearance to gain extra favors or more attention. After being successful using their looks to get ahead, the beautiful sometimes think that working hard is useless. They will be less productive and this will give people like me a chance to climb up the corporate ladder. Eventually, the attractive person will fail because of getting the promotion because of physical appearance. Then it is time for the ugly to take over and show them how to run the show.

Being ugly has financial advantages. It is easy for me to go to the store to find clothes.  Ugly people go to the first clothes rack we see. Why spend a lot of time and money looking for that special wardrobe if I will look bad even if I put on new clothes? I get what I need and get out of the store. You can say that it is cheaper to be ugly. I am not a social person or have many dates. The money that I save not having a date I invest or put into a savings account. I am lonely, but I will retire with a lot of money. In addition, being ugly increases your chances of having a good credit score. With all the spending on clothes and social functions, sometime we can spend more money that we can afford. This may cause debt in the end.

Being ugly can also save a marriage. If you get lucky and find someone who will marry you what are the chances for divorce? You do not have financial problems because your credit is good and you have saved a lot of money. In addition, you do not have to worry about infidelity. Remember, you are not attractive and chances are the person you married is not attractive. So what are the chances of one of you being unfaithful? Slim to none.

Being ugly is also safer. How many un-attractive people have you read about who have been forced to have sex? Zero. At least I have not heard of any. It can be a hard to get aroused by someone who looks like a dog wearing a wig. Even more convincing, who wants to risk going to jail over having sex with the undesirable? That would not be smart.

For all the un-attractive people in the world we have something to live for. We will have a lot of money, we will live safer, and we will end up having a long, happy marriage. The next time you see an attractive person do not drool, pray for them. They will have a very unhappy life. Be glad for yourself, you will have a great life.

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11 Sep, 2011

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