Anti Aging Creams To Help You Stay Young

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Everyone wants to live a longer life but no one wants to look old. This leads to the popularity of anti aging products such as anti aging creams. As people age, there are various changes that the body undergoes and some are just so visible to the naked eye. The very first place to spot aging is the face. There develops the wrinkles, skin sagging, and the different categories of photoaging. Common photoaging results are facial skin redness, presence of brown discolorations, yellowing of the skin due to sun exposure, and various abnormal growths. It may also result to poor skin texture. All these contribute to the loss of youthful glow.

Anti aging creams are promoted by pharmaceutical companies that specialize in cosmetics. It boasts to have the effects of reducing aging visibility over the skin, primarily the face. Specifically, they act to blur wrinkles, lines, pigmentations and discolorations. Most creams of this type contain antioxidants, retinol, and AHAs. Antioxidants are molecules that have the effect of fighting off harmful reactions of metabolic processes including the effects of oxidative stress. Retinol is added to various solutions because it has promising effects in reducing fine lines and pores. AHAs or Alpha hydroxy acids is a type of chemical peel that gives way to micro peeling of old skin to reveal the new skin growth.

Other popular substances in many anti aging creams are epidermal growth factors and sunscreens. Epidermal growth factors (EGF) are substances that promote cell renewal and numerous other skin benefits. EGF lessens wrinkles, fine lines and decreases sagging. It also slows or prevents inflammatory processes and even aids in wound healing. Sunscreens, of course, protect the skin from the harmful effects of too much sun exposure. They work in compliment with products that lighten skin because light skin is more prone to damages from UV light. Sunscreens either spread or absorb UV lights. They are found to prevent squamous cell carcinoma and the basal cell carcinoma.

Anti aging creams vary in price range from low cost to really expensive products. While they used to be promoted mainly for women, they are now manufactured for men as well. Aside from these creams there are other anti aging products in the form of soaps, lotions, solutions, supplements and more. The widespread of these products and the growing number of the people who acknowledge it is a concrete proof of human's endeavor to slow down if not defy aging.

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25 Sep, 2011

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