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Hi everybody,

Yes, you heard it right. We've finally joined the Twitter revolution! After some months of "What the heck is this Twitter thing?", I finally became a Twitter convert. It's so fun. And it's so fast!

http://twitter.com/MyMakeupBlogMy Makeup Blog's twitter is http://twitter.com/MyMakeupBlog and you can always follow me and tweet to me @mymakeupblog

On another note (and another website)... Technorati

(Click for a bigger image)

Holy cow! Technorati featured us as one of the top blogs about mineral makeup? ZOMG o.O
When I googled for my Twitter acount, I saw that right then and there! Seriously, I rarely check how I do on Technorati because this is such a small blog and I only have a palm full of readers who comment everyday. Yet, we got picked for that position! I can't believe it! ZOMG, ZOMG! My Makeup Blog as the authority on mineral makeup?

ZOMG some more!

This is such a big boost for my self-esteem. And whoever (or whatever) selected us for that position, thank you! And also, thank you guys for sticking with me.

Now, go ahead and follow me on Twitter, alright? See you @mymakeupblog!


P.S: If you like my blog, please subscribe to my feed. Thanks a lot!

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