L'Oréal HiP Color Presso Lip Glosses: Smell Like Cupcakes!

Hi everybody,

Recently, I got a chance to try some new makeup courtesy of some kind folks from L'Oréal and Total Beauty. In the past, I've purchased and enjoyed a lot of things from L'Oreal: Voluminous mascaras, the new Extra-Volume Collagen mascara, L'Oréal HiP duo eye shadows and paint. L'Oréal HiP is the newer line from L'Oréal that offers makeup with high intensity and to me, more couture-like. The eye shadows are very pigmented and almost comparable to MAC. So I was thrilled to receive some HiP products to review and the first batch to come is the Color Presso lip glosses.

Top-bottom: L'Oréal HiP Color Presso lip glosses in Trendy and Swanky

First of all, it took me about 5 minutes, which was 5 minute too long, to figure out how to open the lip glosses. Dumbo me decided to open the smaller end that looks like the hook to a keychain and out spewed a chunk of the lip gloss. What a waste! But then, the smell was so yummy! These glosses smell like cupcakes, y'all!

L'Oréal HiP Color Presso in Trendy...

...and Swanky

Seriously, after finding how to open the tubes, I found these glosses to be fun to play with. The tubes are designed for mixing and matching colors together, like this:

You can squeeze out from one side

...or another

...or both

...to look like this!
A swatch of both colors in Swanky

I'm glad to receive these glosses: they are shiny, shimmering, and moisturizing. It feels like I am wearing lip balm. I did a whole lot of lip swatches but my lips did not peel at all. I love that L'Oréal combines a dark and a light color together so you can have two colors every time you want. Both colors are shimmery, although I find the lighter one to be more reflective.

Hand swatch under natural light, without flash

Hand swatch under incandescent light, with flash

Trendy is more of a mauve-neutral color that's more suitable for a natural look. It has a light baby pink color and a darker mauve color, both of which are packed with shimmer. Swanky is the duo that I love: the lighter side almost look like pale gold while the darker side is a pommagranade-pink shade. The gold side has more shimmer but both are very wearable.

Now, here are the pros and cons:
  • Pros: Shimmering, moisturizing, and trendy colors. Also, smells like cupcakes but does not taste like anything (so don't try to eat it, will ya?)
  • Cons: $12.99 a pop, at drugstore. Add another dollar and a cent, you'll get a MAC lip glass. But then, for Color Presso, you get two colors in one (and if you look for sales, you'll find buy one, get one free deals at some drugstores.) Also, quite bulky. I would not link it to my key chain at all, unless I use Hagrid's key chain then...maybe :)
My rating: A-, points taken off because of the price. $12.99 for a lip gloss duo at drugstore? Hello?!

* Currently, Target has the Color Presso on sale at $7.99 a piece. If you like it, please take advantage of this sale and get yourself some!

Take care, everybody. And as always, stay gorgeous!


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