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Hi everyone!

Recently, a reader emailed me with her makeup issue that requires me to handle ASAP. Rosa is a long-time reader of this blog and here is what she wrote to me:
Thing is, my prom is this Saturday, and I'm freaking out! I mean, there's going to be a makeup artist that's coming to my house to do my makeup, but i wanted something dramatic (i'm seriously considering the smokey eye look), but i'm still not sure. And then i thought of you, THE makeup specialist. So my dress is lime green, and my long necklace and pumps are coral. Would the smokey eye look be ok, or do you suggest anything else?
Dear Rosa,

Yikes, your situation is hairy! If I got my own plane, I would have come to the rescue and make you look gorgeous on Saturday. However, I am not there yet so all I can do is to give you some tips and a tutorial and pray that you’ll look gorgeous in your prom night. Although yours truly never went to proms in her life (because there was/is no such thing as a prom in her motherland), I guess a prom is like a party with a younger crowd, more colorful clothing, and no alcohol.

Now, this is a challenge but I think I can do it!

First of all, a smokey-eyed look can go well with everything. However, it can make you look old and more lady-of-the-night if you don’t do it carefully. If you were my sister, I’d say have fun because you’ll have many years to come to practice le smokey. Since you mentioned your dress and accessory coordination, I think the Butterfly FOTD is more of your territory. Pairing it with a soft pink blush, some bronzer, and peach lipgloss and you’ll have a fresh and cheerful look.

However, if that does not work out for you and you still insist on a smokey-eyed look, I think a tutorial on green smokey eyes will help you. I haven’t done a step-by-step tutorial in ages and it did not help to have two zits on my face that looked like volcanoes.

What you'll need

Step 1: apply eyeshadow primer all over your eyelid.

In this tutorial, I use the ubiquitous Painterly paint pot as a primer since it does not have shimmers. As you are going to take some photos, I try to avoid high shimmer eye shadows because they blur out features in flash photography.

Step 2: apply a thick line of black eyeliner and blend with a small brush

I use Revlon ColorStay eyeliner in Black but any smudge-proof eyeliner would do. The small brush I use is a Loew-Cornell ¼ inch Maxine’s mop brush. If you have MAC 219 pencil brush, it would work as well. If not, a cotton bud works just fine.

Step 3: apply green eyeshadow to your eyelid

I use Grassroot Green by Silk Naturals and apply it to the eyelids with the ecoTOOLS eyeshadow brush (a MAC 239 or L-C 3/8 Maxine’s mop also works fine). It is a gorgeous deep forest green color with enough shimmer to shine but not too glittery. Milani Shamrock is also a good color to use.

Step 4: Apply a black eyeshadow to the outer corner of your eyes and blend it with the green eyeshadow
I use Adorned with Grace Dramatic eyeshadow from the winter collection since it’s a matte black eye color. Any non-shimmer black eyeshadow would do just fine. Also, the brush I use is the L-C ¼ inch AMM brush.

Step 5: Apply a gray eyeshadow to the outer half of the crease

Using my Sonia Kashuk blending brush, I apply AwG Fearless in a windshield wiper motion. Fearless is a shimmering dark gray eyeshadow that coordinates well with Dramatic and anything similar to it would work fine.

Step 6: Apply highlights to the inner corner of your eyes and underneath the eyebrows

Using the same brush, I apply NYX Champagne eyeshadow to the inner corner of the eyes to brighten them up and to the area underneath the eyebrows to give them a lift. Champagne is very high shimmer so please use a light hand.

Step 7: Curl your lashes

I like to curl my lashes before applying liner and mascara. You can line first and curl later- these steps are exchangeable.

Step 8: Line your eyes

How the eye looks without the yellow light

I use the gel liner from Coastal Scents but any black liner (pencil, liquid, or gel) would work fine, just use what you have but make sure it’s smudge and waterproof.

Step 9: Apply mascara

Make sure it’s waterproof! Voluminous waterproof mascara is really good: you can sleep, wake up, run some laps, and the mascara does not even move!

Step 10: Fill your eyebrows

I use the Brunette brow set from NYC and my brows look natural. A matte brown eyeshadow also works just fine.

The tip is to start at the highest point (the arch) of the eyebrow and use short strokes to fill to the end of your brow. Then, without picking any more powder, go from the beginning of your brow to the arch. Finally, using a lash comb, brush the brows to distribute the powder evenly.

Step 11 and beyond: finish up your face!

Since it’s a long night, I make an effort to wear a foundation primer. Then I apply my foundation with a stippling brush for liquid, and a kabuki brush for mineral. Make sure to blend well so the foundation does not look streaky in pictures. If you have blemishes and dark circles, please use some concealer on them.

Then I set my foundation with powder: yellow tint powder looks best as it brightens my face. Also, powder helps to control oil and keep foundation from melting away.

After that, I apply blush to the apple of my cheeks using a peach-tan color and a stippling brush. Since they eyes are intense, I keep the face simple and use less shimmer.

Finally, I line my lips with a flesh tone lip liner (NYX liner in Natural) and apply a peach lipgloss (MAC Sock Hop from Heatherette collection.)

And voila, you just done a green smokey-eyed look for prom!

I love my hair in these pictures, I have the Giselle thing goin' on!

Some tips to enjoy prom night:
  1. Make sure to do a trial run with your makeup routine and see if it looks good with your outfit. Then before prom day, pack your prom makeup together so you don’t feel panic on your big day.
  2. In your purse, you should have a pack of blotting paper, lipgloss or lipstick to reapply, a small mirror, and blush stick or paper. If you do not have blush stick or paper, just swipe some blush to several cotton pads and wrap them in a piece of saran wrap. That way, you can fix up your face quickly without busting your purse.
  3. Have fun: no amount of makeup can replace a smiley face so say cheese!
  4. Make memories: take pictures with your friends and enjoy prom night with them.
  5. Act responsibly: I don’t want to sound like your mom but please don’t drink alcohol! Just so you know, you’ll have the rest of your life to drink after you turn 21.
That’s all for today, folks! Rosa, I hope your prom to be a very memorable and wonderful event for you. If you have any questions, please email me. I’d love to help you out.

Take care and stay gorgeous,
Your Makeup Blogger

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