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Every once in a while, I hear some of my lovely closed friends and relatives utter these words to me: “It’s confusing!” when it comes to makeup and skincare. And the more I try to explain to them, the more dazed and confused they become. Then finally, we just avoid the subject totally.

Each and every single time like this, I wish to have a book that tells people what to expect and what to do to take care of ourselves. I firmly believe that if you care for yourself on a daily basis, you will get tremendous returns in the future (it’s my makeup and skincare version of karma.) Luckily, I bumped into “Allure Confessions of a Beauty Editor” in the library. This book was written by Linda Wells and the editors of Allure magazine and published in 2006.

Cover of Allure Confessions of a Beauty Editor

We all know the significance of Allure magazine to the beauty industry: its Allure magazine award is the beacon of valor that the bearers proudly display on their products. Give or take, some of the awarded products may not be the best out there (hello, Maybelline Great Lash!), but this magazine tests an insane amount of makeup and skincare products every year. Although I do not currently subscribe to Allure, once in a while I’d like to skim it to learn some extra tips and tricks.


“Allure Confessions of a Beauty Editor” (or “Confessions” for short) was written in the same way Allure is published. It is a more condensed version of the magazine with choke full of guides, tips, and tricks. I could not go through it in one sitting because the amount of information is staggeringly abundant! This book covers everything from skincare, makeup (face, eyes, lips), nail care, hair (style, cut and color), body, and even salon and spa. The information is sufficient to take a novice to an immediate level. Since I do not know much about nails and hair, this book gives me some tips to take care of myself better in those areas.

Each chapter starts with a two-page introduction (probably) written by Linda Wells. If you like the tear sheet of the how-to’s in Allure magazine, each chapter has a column called “Beauty School” to show you a certain technique. Also, it has some important parts called “Trick of the Trade” to teach you some tricks, “ Beauty Myth” to rebuke some popularly believed myths, “Guilty as Charge” to advise you not to do some certain things, and “Cheater’s Guide” to make life a bit easier (and faster) for you. If you do not have time to read the whole book back to back, concentrating on these parts will give you tidbits of important information otherwise you may miss.

Tips about concealer: (1) you need it, (2) pat, not rub

How to do the smokey eyes, hola!
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Blowout 101: I need this!

Shopping wisdom we all need to know
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If you think of this book as a tell-all about the beauty magazine industry, you will be sorely disappointed. “Confessions” is more of a how-to book written by beauty editors of one of the most famous beauty magazines in the world. I would recommend you to read it to gain some new perspectives (and tips) on makeup and skincare (and nail care, and hair care as well!) Also, it would make a nice gift for someone who is interested in these areas.

That's all for today, folks! I wish you a lovely day and as always, stay gorgeous!


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