Taking a Page out of Kevyn Aucoin’s Book

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While reviewing “Making Faces” by Kevyn Aucoin, a look that he did on Nadja Auermann really stuck on me. It’s a futuristic look called “The Model”. If you already have this book, please turn to page 140 and you’ll see it. Although Kevyn Aucoin based the look on the Seventies fashion, I still think it is a very fashion-forward and fierce look. The direction is simple: you only need a pencil eyeliner, a sponge-tip applicator to blend, and a golden beige shimmer eyeshadow to highlight the inner corner of the eye and the brow bone.

"The Model" look, modeled by Nadja Auermann

I made some changes: I replaced the sponge-tip applicator with a MAC 219 pencil brush to make blending eyeliner much easier. Since I could not find a golden beige shimmer eyeshadow, I used NYX Champagne eyeshadow instead. Also, I equipped myself with some cotton buds (or Q-tips) just in case the liner got messy.

Closeup on the eye

Closeup shot #2

For the lips, instead of sticking to the dark burgundy glossy lip color, I used three different lipsticks: MAC High Tea, Most Popular (from Hello Kitty LE), and NYC Retro Red. While I did not use any lip glosses with High Tea as this lipstick is very lustrous, I coupled Riley lip gloss (discontinued, from Victoria's Secret) with Most Popular, and Pink Bouquet (from Sally Hansen’s) with Retro Red. The results are quite stunning, actually. I think they are the testament for the versatility of makeup as each lip color creates a different mood and almost a different look.

Look 1: with High Tea

By using a pale lip color, the emphasis goes to the eyes. They look so dramatic!
I feel so much like an alien :)

Look 2: with Most Popular and Riley

It’s dark, it’s dramatic, it’s vampy. I look like Medusa!
Look 3: with Retro Red and Pink Bouquet

Now, the focus is on the lips. I like this combination the best although the red lipstick emphasizes my Asian features a lot more.

I tried to wink, people!

Baby got chubby cheeks :)

If I do this look again, I would use much better eye kohl. The Revlon ColorStay eyeliner, while is an excellent eyeliner, is hard to blend. (Plus, it’s quite old!) By using something softer and easier to blend, I can load more liner on my lids to make the eyes look more dramatic. Also, I would use a golden beige shimmer eyeshadow to highlight instead of NYX Champagne, which is too shimmery.

This look can go from day to night with a change of lipstick. It is really simple to do and if you haven’t get your copy of “Making Faces”, what are you waiting for?


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