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Hello my beauties!

A while ago, I had a rant on the newest MAC lip stains from “A Rose Romance” collection. While Loving Touch lip stain is pretty, I thought MAC could have done much better with it (ie, bigger size and/or better price). Then, at the end of the blog entry, I wanted to know if there are any differences in Cover Girl Outlast lip stains, the one and only lip stains available at drugstores.

CoverGirl Outlast Lipstain in Everbloom Kiss (400)

The lip stain I purchased is Everbloom Kiss (400), the color that Drew Barrymore wore in the Outlast lipstain ad. It is the lightest color of the available lip stains that CG sells. While MAC lip stains are in the tubes and have foam tip applicators, CG stains look like chubby markers kids use in art class. The design is quite innovative, actually: the marker tip allows me to trace the outline of my lips while the fat side glides to apply the color evenly. Application is fun and easy. In fact, I do not even need lip liner at all (it’s not like I’d use lip liners with lip stains anyways!)

It looks like a big, chubby Crayola marker, doesn't it?

Everbloom Kiss smells sweet but does not taste like anything. It feels very comfortable and not drying like the old fashioned stains, thanks to the water-base formula that has glycerin and sodium hyaluronate to moisturize the lips. Don’t let the color of the plastic case fool you, this lip stain is more pigmented than it looks. While I thought to have something pretty and pink, it gives me a very potent dose of berry. The color lasts and lasts, after I had lunch and drank some water. I think the lasting power is the same in both CG and MAC stains.

As summer is here, we need to use lip formulas that last longer and feel lighter on our lips. I think lip stains are perfect for hot weather and with a slick of gloss you can go from day to night looking oh so glamorous! I like to top it off with non-matching lip gloss to create a different color. It’s fun and entertaining to mix and match them that way.

Everbloom Kiss by itself.
The color is very intense

Everbloom Kiss with Sock Hop lip glass (from Heatherette collection)

Swatch (L-R): Loving Touch (from A Rose Romance collection), CG Everbloom Kiss, and Not so Shy! (Emanuel Ungaro collection)

To store my CG lip stain, I just lay it horizontally like I do with markers and highlighters. Storing it pointy side up drains the liquid from the tip while storing it upside down provides more than enough color.

Here are the pros and cons:

Pros: affordable ($7-8 USD), easy to find at drugstores, easy to apply, not drying, long lasting, smells nice, not drying.
Cons: color is darker than it is perceived, quite chubby to carry around.

My rating: A/A-, point taken away for being much darker that it is perceived.

While I love lip stains, I am not used to wearing them without lip glosses. I guess it’s a trained habit that’s hard to break and stains do look a whole lot better with glosses, don’t you agree?

MAC Friends and Family sale: use code TAKE25 from 6/16 to 6/18 to get 25% off your total order. Please take advantage of this, ladies!

That’s all for today, folks! Remember to wear sunscreen and stay gorgeous!


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