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Sometimes I ponder on this thought: while our genetics makeup are highly similar, only one of us is Gisele Bunchen. Since she was discovered at 14, Gisele has dominated the fashion world inside and outside the runways. While us mere mortals are fighting frizz or flatness of our hair, hers just rock the way it is, long and slightly wavy. And so darn sexy to boot!

Gisele and her marvelous hair
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Now, why we may not be supermodels and do not have a team of half-dozen people hovering around to prettify us, having Gisele’s wavy hair is not that difficult. For many years, I’ve been trying to get it with curling and then flat irons. While most times the results were sub-par, once in a while I hit jackpot and it kept me motivated. But then, I also have the curse of sensitive skin that keeps me from using most hair styling products out there. Without hair gels and sprays, the curls do not hold as long. Before the party is over, my hair usually falls flat to my scalp. Eventually (and naturally), I decided to stop trying and just wore my hair the way it is. Also, I pray to Mother Nature not to rain on my parade before I have a big photo-op/presentation event.

But magical things happen when I stopped trying. Accidentally, I found my hair looking rather stunning with some slight waves that run all over the head. Just like Gisele’s! Without using any hair styling tools or products! And you can’t believe how simple it is!

After washing and drying my hair, I just loop it around as if to make a hair bun and tie it with a ponytail holder. The longer I let it hold, the curlier and longer lasting the waves are. One time I sleeked a quarter-size glob of Le Baby hair gel on my hair and the curls lasted for days! I haven’t tried letting the bun air dry yet but I suspect it would work as well. Once I’m ready to let my hair down, I just take off the ponytail holder and use my fingers to fix the curls the way I want. And let me tell you this, I got Gisele’s hair every single time!

This is a big step up from my eternally straight hair, y'all!

So, here's the official direction for wavy hair without using styling tools:

Sleek a quarter-size dollop of gentle hold hair gel to your towel-dry or damped hair before drying it. Then make a bun and hold your hair together with a ponytail holder until you’re ready to go out. Fix your waves with your fingers and voila, supermodel hair!
For those who have naturally wavy hair, I plead you to embrace it with some anti-frizz serums. Please let your waves shine, curly hair ladies! You don’t know how much I crave for curls and waves for many many years. But again, I’m a typical case of “the grass is always greener on the other side”.

Now, let’s talk about the makeup, shall we? I really love the way I look in these pictures. It was as if nothing could go wrong: I had the perfect hair and the perfect makeup to go with. On top of that, both of them were so easy to do!

Say cheese!

I’ve been embracing paints and paint pots a lot more recently. They are so versatile and easy to use. With just my fingers, I got the eye look within seconds.

I applied MAC Bare Canvas paint pot all over my eyelids, then blend L’Oreal HiP creamy eyeshadow on the lid and the outer corner of my eyes. Next, I lined my lashes with MAC Teddy eye kohl and finally, applied several coats of mascara.

Cheeks: I blended Adorned with Grace minerals shimmer blush in Glamorous, using the Ingénue sleek dual fiber brush.

Lips: believe it or not, Chapstick shimmer lip balm in Tropical was the only thing there!

Face: the usual – EDM Sunlight kaolin powder and AwG foundation in Grace 3.5, using a kabuki brush.

I really love this look because I look like a beach bunny and it can be achieved in 5 minutes. Glamorous is very pretty and layerable, I’ve been using it ever since getting a full size from my haul.

Peace out, ladies!
Hope you're having a fabulous day, ok?

Oh, before we leave, there's one thing I need to say. Guess what? Today is My Makeup Blog's first birthday! It seemed like yesterday I blogged about my favorite lipstick from Clinique. Time flies so fast, this blog just turned one already!

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank all of you who have been a part of this blog. It would not have survived without you, Constant Readers! Let's hope we're going to have another fabulous year ahead.

Cheers to you and to My Makeup Blog!


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