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Hi everybody,

Although I like colors, there are some of them I can’t wear well. On the top of the list is purple: while some of you look really lovely with your lilac and lavender eye shadows, I look like I just got sucker punched in the face. And on the days my dark circles decide to come out and play, oh my!

As people said, the grass is always greener on the other side; I have a whole bunch of lovely purple mineral eye shadows from Archetype Cosmetics. They are off the chain in term of pigmentation and glimmer. Some of them sparkle like a disco ball! I love them so much but do not get to use them a lot because Archetype has a slow shipping turnover. The last time I ordered, it took me a good ole 45+ days to see the pigments. But it was worth the wait: these pigments are really glamorous.

Purple Club Look

So one day I decided to do a look using the Archetype purples I got. And guess what? I could have gone clubbing that night if I wanted to! (I don’t go clubbing, btw.) This look has club kid written all over it and since I don’t do lots of looks like this (or at all!), it’s time to share.

What you need:

  • Bare Canvas paint pot: it makes your eye shadows look like they’re on steroid! The shimmering eye shadows look a lot brighter but if you do not want too much bling goin’ on, please use Painterly pain pot.
  • Eye shadows: Verre de Soie, Katerina, Styx, and Exquisite Corpse from Archetype Cosmetics; Innovative from Adorned with Grace.
  • Brushes: blending brush, an Ann’s Mini Mop (or MAC 217), a small eyeshadow brush, and an eyeliner brush.
Face: Eyeko 3-in-1 cream, foundation, powder, powder brush, and wedge sponge.

Cheeks: Audacious shimmer blush and Golden glow (very LE) from Adorned with Grace minerals, blush brush.

Lips: MAC Plink! lipstick and clear lip gloss.

How to replicate this look:

1. Apply paint pot all over the lid as an eyeshadow primer.

2. Using an eyeshadow brush, apply Katerina (dry) to the eyelid.

3. Then, slightly wet your eyeshadow brush and apply Katerina, this time wet, to the area just above the eyeball. This really opens up the eyes.

4. Using the AMM (or MAC 217) brush, apply Styx to the outer corner of the eye and slightly blend it to the outer corner of the crease.

5. Then, using the blending brush, pick up some Exquisite Corpse pigments and blend it to the crease as pictured.

6. Using the same brush, apply Innovative to the inner corner of the eye and blend with Exquisite Corpse.

7. Highlight with Verre de Soie (very lovely color-shifting eyeshadow), using the same blending brush.

8. Switch to the liner brush, slightly wet it and dip in Styx pigment and use as an eyeliner.
Apply several coats of liner and voila, your eyes are done!

Some closeup pictures on the eyes

Apply Eyeko cream as a face primer; then use a wet wedge sponge to apply foundation. Wetting the sponge keeps it from sucking a lot of foundation; therefore save you money in the long run.
After applying foundation, set it with some powder using a powder brush.

Cheeks: apply Audacious to the apple of your cheeks using a blush brush, and then blend it out. Then, apply Golden glow (or any sheer light gold pigment) to just the apple of your cheeks to make them glow.

Lips: apply Plink! to your lips and then clear lip gloss for some extra shine.

Voila! You’re ready to paAarty, my lovelies!

Take care and as always, stay gorgeous!


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