Doing a Makeup “Me-Drag”

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June is here, finally! The weather is getting a lot warmer and I guess it's time to come clean with what type of makeup I really wear these days. I ran into this concept recently, after reading a book (see my previous post for the book list):
Me-Drag: What someone might put on if they were dressing up as you – for Halloween, say, or some sort of roast. On genuinely glamorous types, you’d call it personal style
From page 149 of “Free Gift with Purchase” by Jean Godfrey-June
In short, having a “me-drag” is like being stuck in a very good rut or an extremely stylistic comfort zone where you know how things are supposed to be and you feel at ease with what you wear and put on your face. It is not an easy task but you’ll know it once you get there.

The signs of having a me-drag are:
  • Buying similar (or same) color items over and over again: to me, they are pink and tawny blushes, neutral eye shadows, and pale pink lip glosses. I swear to have a whole bunch of them in my makeup bag and I have to rotate them.
  • Finding yourself doing the same makeup look using different similar color items: there are many ways to wear neutrals, you know!
  • Friends and family members no longer winch at your makeup: they simply just see you as who you are, with or without makeup.
My goal of a makeup me-drag is to look like myself, but better. In fact, it’s every woman’s goal (and that’s why we <3 id="fullpost">
To be honest, I am not a fan of the natural look. How can looking natural requires much more work than looking colorful and somewhat fake? That question I still cannot answer (and that’s why Bobbi Brown and her matte, neutral makeup is so popular!) So I make an effort to look like I have some makeup on although they are really minimal. Most times I do not wear foundation, even when my skin is not that good.

My whole me-drag routine includes:
  • A clean face and some lotion with SPF: moist skin looks a lot better. To me that’s half a battle won right there;
  • >A soft and shimmery pink-lavender-mauve eyeshadow: I find this shade really opens up my eyes. My favorite are Taffy by Hard Candy, Adorable and Dynamic by Adorned with Grace minerals. Dynamic is my new love and it’s an LE item so get it while it’s still hot;
  • Some mascara and thin lines of eyeliner;
  • Depending on the situation, foundation. I mostly skip this step.
  • Powder: to control oil and even my skin a bit. Sometimes, EDM Natural Reflections acts like a sheer foundation so I do not need foundation that much;
  • Pink or peach-tawny blush;
  • Clear, pink, or rose lipgloss.
Some Me-Drag Photos

With Dynamic eyeshadow, my eyes look HUGE and wide awake.
I love!

This is Dynamic, y'all!
(Swatch and review here)

Me-draggin' in winter time
I didn't use foundation in this picture but the blush looked awesome!

For the record, I love colors. However, working five or six eyeshadow colors at the same time is not fun, especially when I am sleep deprived. Having a me-drag allows me to look polished and professional while giving me some extra time to sleep. I guess it’s all good to have a good rut. How about you? What’s your me-drag?

Take care, everyone! I hope you're having a wonderful week ahead and as always, stay gorgeous!

With love,
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