Chapstick True Shimmer Lip Balm: Moisturize and Shine

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Recently, I got an opportunity to try the newest addition to Chapstick called True Shimmer. Inside the package were four shiny new tubes of True Shimmer lip balms in Botanical Berry, Tropical, Peppermint Rush, and Blended Fruit Sherbet. The last two will not hit the market until July-August of this year.

Chapstick and I go waaaay back since I was just a wee kid. The little swivel stick with pink waxy balm got me hooked from the first time my mom applied it to me. Then, when I went to college, Chapstick medicated lip balm was my go-to, in-the-pocket must-have during freshman year. I developed this ritual before starting a class: I lined up my soldiers (a tiny tube of hand cream and a Chapstick), then applied lip balm to my lips and hand cream to my hand. The ritual caught attention of some professors and I have that “I mean business” look when I do it.

The new Chapstick True Shimmer
(Top-bottom) Peppermint Rush, Botanical Berry, Tropical, and Blended Fruit Sherbet

They are the prettier and girlier versions of the original Chapsticks

If you are acquainted to the original Chapstick, True Shimmer is a step up. While I find the original version to be quite waxy and dry, this newer edition is more moisturizing and soft as butter. It has that melt on your lips feeling that I want my lip balm to be. Additionally, True Shimmer lip balms have some subtle sparkles in its formula to give your lips some shine. When I said subtle, I really mean it: this product does not have chunky globs of glitter that makes your lips look like some giant disco balls. Instead, the glow is understated and natural looking in the way of “my lips but better”. However, if you think this is a tinted lip balm, it is not. The formula is still matte like the original Chapstick formula but the shimmers act as highlights to your lips and gives it some glow.

Of the four flavors I tested, I love Botanical Berry the most. This version of True Shimmer is the only one that gives a faint hint of rosy color. Also, the flavor is as delicious as a tall cup of strawberry smoothie in a hot summer day. Peppermint Rush sure is going to woo mint lovers: the minty flavor is mild but sure to awake your senses and give you a rush! Tropical smells like piña colada with a mix of coconut and pineapple. This is going to be a big hit for summer. Blended Fruit Sherbet failed to impress me: the flavor reminds me of grape flavored cold medicine: it smells artificial and plastic. Also, in the process, it gives me a headache as well.

(L-R): Peppermint Rush (blue), Botanical Berry (pink), Tropical (clear to off-white), and Blended Fruit Sherbet (purple)

These are really sheer colors and do you notice the shimmers?

Lip swatch of Botanical Berry
Again, it's a really sheer wash of color

Unlike the traditional Chapstick lip balms which does not taste like anything, True Shimmers has a slightly sweet taste in it with 1% or less of aspartame, the artificial sweetener. So if you are a lip licker, you may end up eating this lip balm from your lips (and in the process, dry them as well!)
Ingredients: petrolatum, paraffin, mineral oil, octyldodecanol, bis-diglyceryl, polyacyladipate-2, caprylic/capric triglyceride, arachidul propionate, phenyl dimethicone, beeswax.

Contains 1% or less of: cetyl alcohol, copernicia cerifera (carnauba) wax, flavor, hydrogenated vegetable oil, isopropyl miristate, lecithin, methylparaben, propylparaben, saccharin, (lecithin), mica (or silica), (triacetin), titanium dioxides, dyes* (red 40 lake, red 30 lake, blue 1 lake).
*Tropical does not contain dyes.
Some versions of True Shimmers have certain ingredients in brackets while others do not.
While Chapstick does a good job to moisturize the lips, it contains non-renewable sources such as mineral oil and petrolatum (or petroleum jelly.) It also has parabens as preservatives at small concentration (1% or less). While the health risk of parabens is still debatable, I do not entertain the idea of using the product I can ingest that contains this group of chemicals.

Chapstick True Shimmer is going to be a hit during this summer and the tween/teen girls may be happy to buy them as they only cost $2.79 each at suggested retail price. If you shop at Walmart, the price tag may be even lower. If your husband, boyfriend, or younger brothers likes to steal your Chapstick, they will not do so with True Shimmer. These lip balms scream “girl power” five miles away! And what type of straight guys to wear shimmering lip balms, anyways? So far, I think this is the best lip balm that Chapstick has ever created. However, it still has room for improvement and I believe adding some extra SPF may be nice.

Price: $2.79 (suggest retail price)
My rating: B, points taken away for non-renewable sources, parabens as preservatives, and lack of SPF. Also, Blended Fruit Sherbet smells unpleasant to me.

That’s all, folks! I hope you’re having a wonderful day and as always, stay gorgeous!


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