Adorned with Grace Summer LE: Summer Safari

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Recently, I got an opportunity to try some new eye shadow samples from Adorned with Grace minerals. Franchesca was so kind and generous to send them to me so I can have something to play. And let me tell you this: I believe this summer LE is the best color story AwG has ever released! The colors are so gorgeous and pigmented that they almost blow my mind!

Franchesca’s summer collection actually has two parts: one for regular eye shadows and another for her premium formula. With 13 new colors, this is the largest LE she’s ever released as well. Girlfriend has been working hard!

I simply split them into two groups – light and dark colors – to make it easier for me to review. Here are some close-ups of the light colors as well as my interpretations:

Confident and Chivalrous

Confident is a cute yellow eyeshadow that reminds me of the feather of baby chicks. It is sunny and sweet. Like Chivalrous, it is also gorgeous and makes a nice pop of color on the lid. Also, it is a shimmery eye color.

Chivalrous looks like a pale ecru color in the bag. However, when I applied to my skin, it turned out to be a pale pink with a white sheen. This makes a gorgeous yet understated but not boring highlighter.

Sympathetic and Sensible
Sympathetic is a light peach-pink eyeshadow with a slight touch of shimmer. This will sure brighten up your eyes when you look tired.

Although Sensible and Sympathetic look really similar in the bag, they are not identical twins but two sisters. While Sympathetic is peachier, Sensible is pinkier with a touch of metal to it. This color is going to look really good when foiled.

Classy and Clever

Classy looks kind of boring in the bag but don’t let that fool you! This sandy color is something I call “my skin but better”. It has enough yellow to brighten and enough brown to remain neutral. A touch of shimmer is endearing to me.

Clever is pigment on steroid! It’s one of my favorite colors of the bunch. This color is really complex: it is a duo chrome mauve color with a touch of pink. When foiled, the white-light green shines through. I still can’t believe this color came from AwG, which is known for its mattes and nudes.

Skin swatch of the first group in natural light, without flash

From here, the colors get more and more complicated as well as more and more alluring.

Sagacious and Conscientious

Sagacious is a duo chrome camel brown eyeshadow. When foiled, you can see a touch of green appears.

Conscientious looks like reddish brown in the bag. However, it transforms into a chrome pinkish purple when wet. This color resembles MAC Stars and Rockets, almost like its lighter sister.

Perceptive and Heroic

Perceptive reminds me of NYX Rust eyeshadow and MAC Firespot in Moon bathe collection. It has the orange pigment of Firespot and the rustic brown of Rust. Surprisingly, Perceptive is more wearable than the other two. It neither looks too bright or too strange. It’s just right.

Heroic is another complex color: while looking like a dark rustic red in the bag, it turns out to have some dark violet inside. This color will sure make some club kids happy (and again, it comes from AwG!)

Intriguing, Auspicious, and Invicible

Intriguing is MAC Club twin sister and don’t let the color in the bag fool you. This color is more complex than it looks. Like Club, it’s duo chrome dark purple eye shadow with a green sheen. Pretty? Yes!

Auspicious reminds me of Embark and Hepcat eyeshadows. It has that brown and purple sheen going on, which is interesting to me. And again, don’t let that rustic brown-red color fool you: this is anything but boring.

Invincible is another deceptive color if you just let it pass you by at a first glance. While looking like a black eyeshadow, it transformed into a dark olive eyeshadow when applied to your skin. For some reasons, it reminds me of Golden Olive pigment although I know they do not look anywhere remotely similar

Skin swatch of the second group, also taken in natural lightning and without flash

The one thing I enjoy about this collection is the colors play well together. If you just blindly pick three colors from this collection, chances are they support each other and give you a pretty look. I’ve been doing that for days in order to find an ugly look but so far, I’ve got none.

My favorite colors of this LE are: Clever, Perceptive, Intriguing, and Invincible. These are metallic and duo chrome colors but again, there’s no surprise of the finish. It’s the choice of colors that threw me off a bit.

There’s no doubt this collection is going to be a big hit. With a wide array of color, texture, and finishes, Adorned with Grace summer collection is fun to play with. If you’re shopping for colors, please put it in your consideration.

That's all for today, folks! I hope you're having a wonderful week ahead!


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