Tips for Greasy Hair

Greasy hair quickly looks lank and limp. No matter what you do, your flip' flops, your waves wilt, your long hair turns to frizz!!! Your hair probably looks good the day you wash it. But the next morning you have the greasies. Your hair sticks together in unattractive strands.

I suggest:
Frequent washing - even every day if you have to. The old myth of harming hair by frequent shampooing is hog wash. Instead, specialists have now proved that it can be harmful to your skin if you leave greasy, oily hair unwashed.

Choose a lemon-based shampoo. It helps make your hair squeaky clean.

A simple easy-to-set hair style is most practical. Think of how many hours you'll have to spend on your hair if you have an elaborate head of curls! Go to the best hair-cutter your money can afford, and get yourself a good no-nonsense cut. Also invest in a good hair-dryer - it can be a tremendous time-saver.

Banish fatty and fried foods from your diet. Concentrate instead on green vegetables, liver, fish, and cheese.

* To a pinch of borax add one dessertspoon of ammonia and two quarts of warm water. Use this mixture as a final rinse after shampooing.

* Beat the whites of two raw eggs till they are stiff. Apply to scalp with a toothbrush. You might wrinkle up your nose in disgust, but this is definitely worth a try. Let dry, then brush your hair thoroughly.

Do avoid over-brushing of hair. You can't afford further to stimulate your sebaceous glands.

Make sure you keep your brush and comb absolutely clean.

Ideally you must wash them each time you shampoo your hair. The best method of cleaning them is to swish them in a mug of tepid water to which a little ammonia has been added. You can, however, use bicarbonate of soda or powdered borax instead of ammonia.

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