Special Skin Care Tips for Oily Skin

If your skin is badly blemished, use a medicated soap, avoid harsh soaps as they only dry off the top layer of the skin, leaving your real problem untouched.

Wearing make-up on a blemished skin not only gives you greater confidence, it also helps cover your skin-flaws. What is more important is that it actually acts as a protection for your skin. So as long as you cleanse your face thoroughly and regularly, make-up will not make your blemishes worse.
  • Steam your face regularly, at least once a week. This cleanses the skin and helps open clogged pores, which in turn prevents the .skin from breaking out into pimples.

  • Lime juice and vinegar (both diluted) are good after­ cleansing and toning lotions.

  • Fuller's earth, oatmeal and almond paste are excellent cleansers for an oily skin.

  • Beat the white of an egg and apply to your face avoiding eve-area. Leave on for ten minutes, then wash off with cool water. This egg white mask has a marvelous tightening and pore-closing effect on the skin.

  • Avoid rich, fried foods. These only contribute to oiliness. Substitute such foods with green vegetables, tomatoes, curd and lemon.

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