Skin Care Routine for Dry Skin

This is a fine type of skin and it is either inclined towards sensitivity or is rather tough.

Dry skin feels tight and dry after washing. Fine-textured, it lines easily. A young dry skin looks flaky and lined; a more mature skin may look faded and dull. Spots and blemishes, however, rarely appear.

Skin Care routine for Dry Skin:-

Wash with a mild soap or cleanse with warm water at least twice a day. Rinse well.

For removing eye make-up use an oily remover. Try Johnson's baby oil. It is one of the best and most effective eye make-up removers.

As a skin toner use rose water diluted with mineral water. In addition to refreshing your skin, this toner helps remove the last traces of your soap or cleanser.

Apply moisturizer to damp skin, from bosom to hairline. Pay special attention to under-eye area.

Once a week Use an almond meal or oatmeal cleansing pack. Apply this to damp skin avoiding eye area. Wipe off gently or just wash off.

This removes all dry dead cells that your skin sheds during the week.

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