Homemade Spa Treatment and Beauty Recipes

You would love to pamper your body, wouldn't you? For complying with the tremendous work you do, your body definitely deserves rejuvenation, doesn't it? You might want to visit a nearby spa once in a while but you can also treat yourself to a luxurious spa-like experience at your home every week. You can refresh your nerves regularly, plus you don't have to loosen your purse strings much and it's greatest for those who do not have a spa nearby.

Get set and go: Kick-start your spa day with some of your regular exercises or take a fresh walk in the neighbourhood. After a short rest, apply a little olive oil or almond oil and massage in gentle circles. Leave it for half an hour and you can continue with your chores for the meantime.

Especially for your feet: Now, you are going to take special care for your tired legs. Take a small tub and fill it with warm water. Put a small amount of salt in it. This helps to remove the pain and fills you with freshness. You can add a few drops of lavender oil, too. Immerse your feet in it. After a while rub your heels with pumice stone. Cut your nails and rub the toes with a soft scrubber. After a soothing time in the water dab your feet dry. There's more to go.

Setting the atmosphere: Take all the stuff you need into the bathroom and keep them within reach.

That harmony: Music plays an important role on the day. Choose soothing music for your player and play it with a low volume. One good suggestion would be the sitar or the sax.

Radiance: You are going to treat yourself to a wonderful light. Pick some scented candles. You can also light some decorative candles and use a room spray. Try burning some incense sticks if you have good ventilation. Lighting some earthen lamps will look glamourous too.


Facial: Do a little steaming on your face but, if you have an oily skin dip a towel in hot water and intolerable heat, press the towel on your face. Now, you are ready for the facial. You can use your regular homemade facials or try these. Mash some papaya and add a little amount of honey. Papaya exfoliates the skin and nourishes it to a great extent and honey can give you special glow. You can use Fuller's earth, grape juice and a little amount of sandalwood paste if you have an oily skin. Or just beat an egg-white and spread it on your face.


Tub: Fill the tub with hot water. Squeeze a lemon into it. This will refresh you and make you feel younger. Pour in two tablespoons of rosewater. You can add rose or jasmine petals if you want that exotic look. Add a small pillow where your head is about to rest. Your head is going to love this.

Unwinding: Now, step into the tub and let your head relax on the pillow. Close your eyes with cucumber slices and say, "Relax... relax..." to yourself slowly. Your body will correspond to what you say in your mind and begin to relax your nerves. Use a gentle body wash and mild scrubber. You can use a mild soap too. Dove is a very good example.

Finally: Apply a moisturising lotion on your body. And then go for a face cream that makes you look just gorgeous. For your feet, heat a little vaseline and rub it on your feet with extra care on your heels. Now, treat yourself to a refreshing cool drink.

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