The Acid-Mantle and Your Skin Type

Oil from the sebaceous glands, and the acid from the sweat glands blend to form a protective film on the skin surface. This protective film is called the 'acid-mantle'.

For a normal healthy skin, a perfect balance of the 'acid-mantle' must be maintained. If the sebaceous glands are over-active, an oily skin results.

If, however, the sweat glands are over-active and too much acid is left on the skin, a dry skin results.

How to Find Alkaline Soap and Acid Soap?

All soaps and cosmetics used on the body should be of an acid nature. Alkaline soaps and cosmetics rob the skin of the 'acid-mantle' leaving it vulnerable to surface infections and out­ breaks.

As soaps and cosmetics are not generally labelled 'acid' or 'alkaline', a simple test given below will help you determine their nature.

To a dampened bar of soap or cosmetic, apply Nitrazine paper. If the article under test is alkaline, the paper will turn deep blue. An acid preparation does not change the color of the paper. Nitrazine paper should be available at good chemists.

However, whether or not you use an acid or an alkaline soap, it is of the utmost importance to rinse off completely, leaving absolutely no trace of it on the skin.

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