Simple Home Remedies for Healthy Hair

Your hair is actually an extension of your skin, and like your skin, is a direct reflection of your internal health. While topical treat­ments such as conditioners can smooth the surface of your hair and make it appear softer, true hair health begins deep beneath the sur­face in the hair follicles. A nutrient-rich diet is essential for creating strong, healthy hair. Stringent dieting and food plans that overly restrict fat and protein intake can cause dull, dry, and thinning hair. Make sure to eat enough protein (at least two three-ounce servings every day) and plenty of essential fatty acids (one table­spoon of flax oil and 240 milligrams of GLA supplements daily). Essential fatty acids are crucial for keeping your hair strong, pliable, and shiny. But even if you are eating a healthful diet, poor diges­tion and assimilation can wreak havoc with your hair, skin, and nails.

Women who experience thinning hair at midlife and beyond often have hormonal imbalances associated with the adrenal glands, thyroid, and reproductive organs. The Chinese herb Ho shou wu is also an excel­lent tonic to take if you are experiencing hair loss. It strengthens thyroid function, is a gentle energy-building herb, and enhances hair growth.

Good circulation is essential for healthy hair. Daily aerobic exercise stimulates circulation throughout the body, and inverted yoga postures such as the shoulder stand are especially helpful for increasing circulation to the scalp. In addition, yoga relieves emo­tional stress, which plays a role in hormonal imbalances and con­sequent hair loss.

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