Special Making-Up Tips for Colors

Make-up that looks just fine in the sunshine can look faded and washed-out under artificial lighting. Use warmer and deeper colors for the evenings.

If you try to match eye shadow color to eye color and lip color to nail color, you are dating yourself.

Use only those colors that look best on each individual part of you and stop matching browns with browns or reds with reds.

If your skin color is a little sallow or pale, use clear pink blushers to neutralize the yellow. Avoid using brownish and golden melony tints.

Before you decide on your make-up, decide on your clothes. Especially if you're going to be wearing a difficult color.

If your complexion is too sallow, don't be tempted by a clear beige or very pink foundation. Avoid yellow or green colors whether in clothes or make-up. Yellow and green colors bring out the sallow color of your skin. Go in for warm beige foundation and clear blue eye shadows. Lip­sticks are best in medium tones - pink or coral.

If your complexion is too pale, don't use a pink foundation. Choose a clear beige foundation for a natural look. Avoid very dark eye shadows and lipsticks. They make you look too intense and tired. Go in for dull blue eye shadow. Use a blusher on cheeks, chin and forehead.

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