Skin Care Routine for Combination Skin

A combination skin is one of the commonest types of skin. It can prove tricky to handle because it is a combination of areas that are dry and areas that are oilly.

The nose and chin usually tend to be the oily areas, while the cheeks, temples and forehead tend to be dry. The eye area also tends to be dryish.

A combination skin needs to be tackled with two totally different skin care routines.

Skin Care routine for Combination Skin:

While cleansing, specific attention must be paid to the greasy areas.

An astringent must follow the cleanser. It must, however, be limited only to the greasy spots.
The rest of the face should be patted with cotton wool soaked in a toner.

While moisturizing, specific attention must be given to the dry areas.

Use an under eye cream every other night.

A face pack must be applied on the greasy areas and left on for 15 minutes.

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