Tips for Dry Hair

Dry hair is usually fine. It splits or breaks easily, and soon gets a fly-away look.

You must brush your hair well to stimulate the flow of natural oil from the sebaceous glands.

An oil pack is one way of helping too-dry hair. Instead of olive oil suggested by old-fashioned recipes, try a poly unsaturated oil (e.g.: corn oil). This permeates into the hair shaft more effectively than olive oil.

It helps if you warm the oil to body temperature and. then massage into your hair.

Shampoo off after a couple of hours. You may need two or three lathe rings to remove all traces of oil. Remember, according to today's concept of beauty, nothing can be as unattractive as sticky strands of oiled hair.

Don't forget to use your conditioner.

This treatment should initially be taken twice a week. Later, reduce to once in every two weeks.

If you are averse to keeping oil on for a couple of hours ­perhaps you just do not have the time - steam your oiled head by pressing hot towels on it. You can now shampoo an hour after your oil message.

Make sure you use a mild shampoo. Avoid hot water. Try not to, expose your hair to extremes of temperature.

Remember that hair spray aggravates dryness. Avoid frequent use of it. Also avoid perming and backcombing.

Try a dry scalp-massage. Using your finger-tips, massage firmly but gently, moving the scalp, not your fingers. Repeat process at different parts of your scalp.

Shampoo your hair at least once a week. Don't forget to use a conditioner. Rinse off thoroughly to avoid stickiness.

You must be very careful about your diet. Your protein intake should be high.

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