Hair Shampooing and Conditioning Tips

Shampooing is the only treatment your hair cannot absolutely do without. Remember - shampoo is one of your most important cosmetics. Make sure you choose it with as much care as you would choose your facial cosmetics. Harsh shampoos strip the natural oil from the hair and spoil its condition.

While shampooing use the smallest amount of shampoo that you can, to do the job. If you shampoo your hair very frequently, make sure you use a mild shampoo.

Before shampooing rinse your hair well. It helps to get rid of surface dirt.

Instead of pouring shampoo directly on your hair, pour it on your wet palms. Rub your palms together to work up a lather before applying to the hair. This ensures better coverage. Shampoo in the shower, to make plenty of rinsing in lots of running water, easy. It is an absolute must to get all the shampoo out of your hair. Any trace of it left on will make your hair lifeless and dull; also hair will not hold a set well.

If you wash your hair very often -every day or so- one lather should do. Hair washed once or twice a week should be lathered again.

A conditioner offers your hair a buffer against external damage; and also makes it more manageable. After rinsing out your final lather, do use it.
Remember, however, that it's your hair that need conditioning, not your scalp.

Make sure to remove excess water from your hair before application of conditioner, or else it will be diluted and rendered less effective Carefully follow the instructions which accompany your conditioner jar.

Finally rinse well.

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