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Having acne is a normal phenomenon that you can discuss with friends to share notes. But imagine the embarrassment of discussing the cures for butt acne with anyone, even your friends or a doctor. As we feel shy to discuss the location of these break outs, butt rashes often go untreated for long periods of time. Do not make the mistake of ignoring butt acne just because it is embarrassing or else you will end up with a pock marked butt that will make keep you embarrassed for ever. Body acne treatment is just as important as the acne on your face and you need not talk to anyone for it.

We are here with some great acne relief tips for your posterior ends.

Tips To Cure Butt Acne:

  • For any kind of body acne treatment you need to know its exact cause. It the case with butt rashes too. There are different types of break outs on the butt and they happen due to varied reasons.
  • Firstly there are heat rashes. When the temperature of your inner body goes up the heat is disposed off by means of break outs and rashes. If your butt rashes are characteristically bright red and flat then they are most probably heat rashes.
  • To cure heat rashes be it on your butt or face you need to drink plenty of water and other fluids that cool your body like butter milk, juices etc. Other than that if the cure has to be specific to the butt then you need to wear comfortable cotton underwear.
  • Always avoid wearing tight nylon or synthetic underwear if you are prone to butt acne. These materials stick to the skin and make it damp with sweat. Moreover it prevents air circulation which increases chances of infection. Too tight pants too can be a cause of rashes and break outs on the butt.
  • If the rashes are black zits then you may be slightly embarrassed hearing the cause. These zits are caused due to dirt particles settled on the skin. This simply indicates that you don't spend enough time washing your personal body parts. Maintain some personal hygiene and the sits will go.
  • If the breakouts are from an in grown hair pore then there is nothing to worry. It is not an infection and also temporary. It disappears on its own.
  • If it doesn't then you can try waxing your butt for better and faster results. Make sure you wax the skin on your buttocks completely leaving no uneven hair or else the zits will reappear. Also use a toner on your skin immediately after waxing to close skin pores.
  • If the zits on your butt are more like cystic pimples full of puss then you need specialized medical help form a dermatologist. These pimples are extremely painful and won't go away without antibiotics.
Use these skin care tips to get rid of embarrassing butt acne forever.

14 Oct, 2011

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