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Even if you get a good night's sleep, do you still feel tired during the day? Marcie Fraser explains how a poor diet could play a factor in tiredness.

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How often are you tired? Even if you get a good nice sleep some people still feel tired during the day. It could be the result of your diet.

Ah, fried chicken, macaroni and cheese. A menu that screams fat and fatigue.

Price Chopped Senior Nutritionist Ellie Wilson, R.D. said, "Things that can actually cause your body to do a lot of work with digestion in particular are fatty food fatty foods. Fatty foods can set you up for an energy drop after a meal."

The larger the portion the more tired you will be.

Wilson said, "The extra large portion size means your body has to do a lot of work breaking that food down and getting it managed so it can get through your system."

Watch the carbs.

"Your sweeter items are definitely going to set up a bit of a crash if that is all you are having. A smart carb kind of thought is make sure you are sticking to is higher fiber and whole grains," said Wilson.

Eat more whole grain breads and cereals even for snacks.

"Things like oatmeal, double fiber bread for sandwiches this helps slow down how quickly the carbohydrate is broken down and it evens out your energy over the course of the day," explains Wilson.

Thirsty? That could be one reason you are tired.

Wilson said, "Another energy zapper is dehydration. Very common for people to be a little bit tired and uncomfortable maybe in the later after noon and so often that is about dehydration than it is about anything else."

Drink water and low calorie beverages and pack in the produce.

Wilson said, "You definitely want to include fruits and vegetables, not only are they a source of fiber and energy, but they're also source of hydration. No one thinks about them that way but a lot of fruits and vegetables are mostly water."

Boosting energy sometimes come in the form of a cup of coffee. Experts do say its fine in moderation but make just keep the calories to a minimum.

It's not a super large latte with full of whipped cream and sugar because that is a negative for you in a nutrition point of view," said Wilson.

16 Oct, 2011

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