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His client list reads like a "who's who" list of who is slim and gorgeous in Hollywood.

Who doesn't want to look like Jennifer Lopez, Sofia Vergara or a newly slim Ricki Lake who shines on "Dancing with the Stars?"

Todd DeMann, founder and CEO of Freshology — the company Hollywood loves to turn to in order to lose pounds —  says that just because you're over 40 doesn't mean your dream figure is just that …a distant dream.

"I hear, 'Well, I can't have the body of my dreams because I'm over 40,'" DeMann says. "That's just not true at all.

"You just need to shock your metabolism and change things up. Get out of your routine," he says. "Don't spiral down into complacency."

DeMann admits that he's at that age where he even got in a rut. "I'm over 40 and I found myself doing the same thing and eating the same thing.

"I changed my diet. For me, it was about giving up dairy," he says. "It's important to keep your metabolism guessing.

"Take out the bread. Cut your portion sizes in half. Break your lunch out into something new,'" he says. "Drink green tea.

"Break your cycle," he insists.

His company makes that easier for Hollywood with meals that slim and are delicious.

"Don't go on a diet. Think of your eating plan as an investment strategy. You're investing in your body and investing in your health," he says.

DeMann Offers These Weight Loss Tips to Midlifers:

*Don't Suffer from Portion Distortion.

In other words, how many servings are really on your plate?  "People forget what a real portion size is," he says. "Everything in moderation is key."

*Really Look at What You're Eating. 

"There are so many hidden calories and fats in most foods. The average adult consumes 4000 calories a day and some 5000 calories. It's easy to eat all these calories when they're hidden," he says.

*Eat at the Right Time

"Timing is so important," he says. "When your body wake up, it needs specific nutrients. It's important for your body to get those nutrients to level out your blood sugars. You don't want to start the day with peaks and valleys." He cautions, "A lot of people go too long without eating and allow their blood sugar to drop. Then they supplement that drop with coffee for energy." He says, "You should be eating and not drinking. When you feel your energy is low even have a handful of almonds or a piece of fruit."

*Yes, Eat Carbs.

"I don't know why so many people have carb phobia," DeMann says. "It's a bad thing. For us, it's a balance of lean protein and carbs in the form of good veggies and some grains."

*Add Fat to Your Diet.

DeMann says to add fat from olive oil, but not butter. "No matter what, butter is bad," he says. "It tastes great. But you're eating the fat in butter. That's the flavor." He adds, "You can get a lot of flavor from olive oil."

*Skip the Chef's Salad.

 It's a diet staple for many people – and a diet disaster. "So many people tell me that they're dieting and are eating chef's salads with low cal dressing. A normal chef's salad in a restaurant can have 2,000 calories if it's filled with bacon and processed meats and cheese," DeMann says.

"Now, add on just one ounce of dressing, which is another 100 calories if it's full fat dressing. Many people put on three to five ounces of salad dressing."

*Be Smart About Sugar.

"We don't use any refined sugar. We use organic agave or organic brown rice syrup. Those are our sweeteners and we use this in our dressings."

*But Rid Your Life of Artificial Sweeteners.

"I use agave to sweeten and even as syrup for my son's pancakes. Or I'll use a natural maple syrup. You don't want to sweeten with chemicals."

"The artificial sweeteners keep the belly fat on. They inhibit your metabolism and you won't process your foods efficiently." 

*Get Off the Diet Soda. "If you must have something occasionally have a full sugar soda or go for the Mexican version of Coke, which is made with pure cane sugar," he says. See above on why to avoid diet soda.

*Be Careful with Salt.

"We use salt, but only sea salt. It's a much better salt—and a less salty salt. It also has better flavor and you use much less," he says.

*Yes, Eat Out, But…..

"I'm Italian and I love to eat pasta," DeMann says. "But I won't have butter on bread. If I'm out and I want dessert, one bite will satisfy my appetite. If I eat a burger out today, I vow to eat healthier tomorrow."

*Realize that You're Not Just Dieting in the Short Term.

"A good eating plan is what you strive for…day in and day out," DeMann says. 

You can read more about his meal service plan at Freshology.


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18 Oct, 2011

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