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How to still look flawless with acne scars

Tuesday, October 18 2011

I was recently asked the question, "I have terrible acne scars all over my face. What can I use to cover them with make-up and have a flawless look and get rid of the marks?

Here was my reply:

"Thank you for sending this question my way as I wanted to highlight and possibly give solutions to what seem to be a common problem among make-up wearers these days. Let me focus on skin care first:


There isn't just one way to handle the acne scars as the causes may vary and as such, I always advocate visiting a dermatologist or aesthetician. They will be equipped to go beneath the surface to accurately determine the cause or causes for the breakout and scarring. After this determination is made there will be some topical medications that will most likely be prescribed to slow down or totally stop the breakouts.

With regards to the scarring, there are many topical organic recipes that I can recommend to lighten the marks such as saffron or turmeric powder, tomatoes or even cucumbers. So trust me when I say you can never run out of foodstuff to help give the skin a much more healthy glow!


After the skin care issues have been addressed, we can now focus on an interim solution that can help cover/hide the scarring. To combat this problem, I prefer creamy foundations to liquid as they are much more blendable and create a more seamless look, while the liquid, if not applied properly can look dull and overly matte.

There are different types of make-up brands that are available out there for the coverage of slight to medium scarring such as Mineral Foundations, Dermablend, Black Opal and for extreme cases, a trusted brand is Cover FX.

Step 1:

Apply a good primer to help fill in the "pock marks" and little holes/pores that may be apparent. This also helps to give the face some oil control.

Step 2:

Apply a light dusting of powder with a fluffy brush and then apply a pea size amount of the foundation/concealer to the marks alone. Apply in a patting motion and then apply powder to set. The intention is to create enough coverage to hide the marks whilst still allowing the skin to look breathable. The trick here is to not "pile on" the products; in fact the amount I suggested will definitely be enough to cover the area.

Dixie Tip: The foundation must be the same shade as your skin otherwise it will do the opposite of your intention and highlight the scars.

Dixie Tip: Remember to use a damp sponge to pat or stipple on the foundation as this will look much more blended and you use even less which is always better!

If you think that you applied too much foundation product, you can always use a two-ply tissue and just dab the face and it will absorb the extra oils from the product.

If you have a specific issue you want to address, feel free to send me an email to or on my facebook page DAJ Airbrush Make-up Professionals and it may just be answered right here.

18 Oct, 2011

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