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Phoenix, AZ (PRWEB) October 16, 2011

DietRedi, the manufacturer of the DietRedi HCG weight loss meal plans, announces the enhancement of their HCG compliant meals using their signature zero calorie, zero carbohydrate noodles.

Dieters participating in very low calorie diets, such as the HCG diet plan, have found the DietRedi brand frozen meals to be a great assist to their weight reduction efforts. The meals are all carefully designed in a cooperative effort between the DietRedi chefs and nutritionist, combining good flavor with just the right number of calories to make them HCG compliant as a twice-per-day meal plan.

Recently DietRedi began offering their signature noodles and rice noodles which contain absolutely no calories or carbohydrates. The addition of these noodles allows dieters to virtually eat all they care to take in, without hindering or compromising their weight loss goals.

Randolph Waters, spokesperson for DietRedi meals stated that "Our signature noodles are truly a revolutionary breakthrough for dieters around the world. A person can fill up on this pasta and never gain an ounce of fat. It's almost as though dieters no longer have to exercise the willpower they once had to." Waters adds, however, that the noodles have no nutritional value, so it is imperative that they eat a properly balanced diet while using the noodles so that they take in the required nutrition needed to sustain their health. He also stresses the importance of drinking sufficient water, as these noodles are fiber rich.

These zero calorie shirataki noodles have been used in Japan for centuries. The name shirataki means "white waterfall," most likely because that is what the long noodles look like when lifted from the bowl. They are made from the Konjac plant, also known as the Devil's Tongue plant. They are mainly comprised of water and fiber. The fiber comes from a viscous substance called glucomannan, with traces of protein and minerals like calcium. The noodles have little flavor on their own, but take on the rich flavors of the dish in which they are being served. These noodles, served with the DietRedi weight loss meal plan, provide bulk, substance and flavor without adding any additional calories, making them the perfect addition to the HCG diet meal plans and low calorie dieters.

For further information on the DietRedi meals and the signature calorie free noodles, visit their website at, or contact:

Randolph Waters
DietRedi Meals


16 Oct, 2011

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