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October 17, 2011

Acne is a common, chronic condition that frustrates many, but fortunately it is controllable. Johns Creek dermatologist, Dr. Leslie C. Gray, explains that there is not a "one size fits all" approach to treating acne.

"Many people think acne only affects teenagers; however, adults are also at risk. Acne can be greatly affected by hormones. There are many milestones in our lives when hormones can affect the skin including puberty, pregnancy and menopause. Genetics, stress and traumatic situations are also factors that can wreak havoc to your skin. Bottom line…your age, skin type and severity of acne will dictate how we begin the treatment process."

Prescription products, both topical and oral, are often used to begin the treatment of acne. There are also specialized acne procedures that can help reduce bacteria, calm inflammation and remove debris from clogged pores.

Dr. Gray explains, "In our practice, we utilize several specialized acne therapies to complement our patient's prescription. We've had success with our Omnilux Light System which uses LED technology to destroy bacteria while stimulating cell growth and decreasing inflammation. Photodynamic therapy, (PDT), is another effective way to treat acne which utilizes a topical solution, Levlan, and a light source to activate the chemical. This treatment is ideal treatment for patients with inflammatory acne that has not responded to topical treatment or patients who cannot tolerate or wish to be on an oral medication. Our customized acne facials are an excellent addition to standard treatment regimens or for someone with occasional breakouts. The treatment includes a chemical peel followed by comedonal extractions. We also offer acne surgery to unblock obstructed pores and this is the most popular procedure we do with teens".

Fortunately, although there is not a cure at this time for acne, there are more treatment options than ever before to aid in obtaining a clearer complexion.

For more information on Dermatology Center of Atlanta's Acne Treatments call 770.497.0699 for a consultation. Dermatology Center of Atlanta is located in Johns Creek at 9900 Medlock Bridge Road. Visit us online at www.dermatology-atlanta.com.

18 Oct, 2011

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