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When it comes to beauty, curing acne is probably one of the areas most women want to have cleared up as quickly as possible. Unfortunately cures are difficult to come across. What makes it worse is that more often than not the treatment my doctors either doesn't cure the problem or it makes it much worse. Thus starting a vicious cycle which is difficult to break.

I came across a really great site,, which offers natural remedies for acne problems. The idea behind her treatment is not just to find natural solutions to acne but to work in harmony with the body to cure the problem. The remedy is in what we eat.

But if it's so 'clear& simple', then why have we not heard about this before? How much money have you spent on medicated acne products? How many different acne drugs have you used over the years? You are probably just one of millions of people who have been sent down this road. Large pharmaceutical and skincare companies are making billions of dollars each year. The fact is, there is simply no money to be made by these companies by telling you that acne can be stopped by making changes to your diet.

What is also worrying is that there are many side effects to the prescription drugs that doctors are prescribing. So if you've tried different drugs and medication to clear up acne, but haven't succeeded, then maybe you need to try something different. 

What can help as well is choosing the right skincare products. If you are choosing products with harmful chemicals and toxins you could be actually damaging you skin. So you need to choose the natural makeup and skincare products. To find out more about natural makeup and it's benefits then please visit

12 Oct, 2011

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