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Perhaps you've seen the new commercial with a camouflage-clad man riding in a jeep in the jungle avoiding laser beams as he tries to pour a glass of cold soda. It's part of an ad campaign by Dr Pepper to promote its newest soda, Dr Pepper Ten.

As the name would imply, it has only 10 calories per 12 fl. oz. serving (i.e. 10 calories per standard can). It comes in a steel grey packaging, and declares that those 10 calories are quite BOLD. See, according to Dr Pepper, real men don't drink diet soda, so Dr Pepper Ten is the new diet made just for men.

When I first heard about the new soda, I thought it was silly they were marketing it as a man's drink. But I do have to admit that Dr Pepper tends to have a "girly" image - at least more so than other soft drinks. I don't think, however, that this new marketing campaign will severely alter that image. Dr Pepper is also one of the few sodas that comes as an acquired test, whether it's diet or not. Many people liken it to the taste of cough syrup.

I finally found a bottle of the Dr Pepper Ten at the Target in Carlisle this morning, and I shared it with my co-workers in a newsroom taste test. Two co-workers (one female, one male) said they didn't like it, but they don't drink diet soda anyway. One male co-worker said he'd pass, but he's not a big soda guy, either. Another female co-worker said she likes it and can't taste the difference between it and regular Dr Pepper.

Personally, my favorite soda is Diet Dr Pepper. I'm a fan of diet sodas in general; I find "sugar" sodas to be too sweet. Dr Pepper Ten isn't as sweet as the original, but also not as "diet-y" as Diet Dr Pepper. Still, I find myself liking Diet Dr Pepper better. Also, if you're going to drink a soda marketed as diet, why not just get the one with no calories as opposed to 10 calories?

Another good point one of my male co-workers brought up was that, if Dr Pepper says Diet Dr Pepper tastes just like the original, then what is this one supposed to taste like?

While I don't think this new concoction is horrible, I also don't think it'll be a staple in my refrigerator. I'll be sticking to Diet Dr Pepper (or Giant's Diet Dr. Bob if I'm feeling cheap).

Larissa Newton is the Lifestyles/Entertainment Editor for The Sentinel. She loves to eat, loves to cook (although she makes no claims on quality) and loves to do both while trying to stay healthy. She has been eating for 25 years. You can reach her at lnewton@cumberlink.com or 240-7136.

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14 Oct, 2011

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