Is it milkshakes or diet pills? With the Kardashians, it's both -

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I'm "breaking the third wall" here and going all first-person rant on you about Kim Kardashian and her great Dubai milkshake-pimping adventure. Stuff like this is why I can guarantee you'll never see me writing about any Kardashian sister's fitness, workout or diet "secrets."

There's no secret -- they're rich celebrities and can afford the kinds of trainers and food that many people can't. It's their job to look good and to get on magazine covers and websites.

If you didn't catch the news, the new Mrs. Humphries is in Dubai today promoting the latest Millions of Milkshakes store and unveiling her signature "Kim Shake," which purports to be the most expensive milkshake in the world. It reportedly contains strawberries, bananas, pineapple and rainbow sprinkles. What, no gold leaf?


Are the Kardashians promoting diet supplements or milkshakes? Toning shoes or cupcakes?

How about all of the above.

It seems like every other week, there's a Kardashian of some sort on a gossip magazine cover, with a breathless headline about how they've gained or lost 7 pounds, lost baby weight, got into smokin' bikini shape or obsessed over some body part.

It's called great publicist work. Nothing more, nothing less.

I've got nothing against the Kardashians. They seem like a loving, happy, well-publicized family. But the whole diet pill/milkshake/toning shoe/cupcake dichotomy is a bit too over the place for me to take any diet and fitness advice from them.

It's the kind of extreme seesawing that creates weight problems -- junk food and gimmicky measures to burn off the junk food. And it perpetuates unhealthy habits among young women. Eat a cupcake, swallow a diet pill.

I do write about celebrities when they've lost weight and gotten healthy in a meaningful way. But if it's a size 4 fretting about getting into a size 2 or some reality-show star seen sipping an awesome new drink or slugging down a diet supplement, then no thanks. I know how the sausage is made, I get those press releases. Those products are sent for free to the celebrities or shoved into their hands as the cameras click away.

OK, rant over.

14 Oct, 2011

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