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Adverse skin conditions are not fun to have to deal with. However, thanks to a little scientific research, dealing with problems like these are much easier than it used to be. Knowing the proper acne scar treatment to engage in is important.

What causes acne? Simply put, it starts to occur when skin begins to produce oil – usually due to hormonal changes – or your pores become clogged with dirt and the excess oil you're producing. It's also caused by inflammation, which leads to the appearance of a red and swollen exterior, which is often itchy and painful.

An effective piece of advice to live by is to avoid over-exposure of the sun. UV rays causes scarring to be "seared" into skin, causing them to be inlaid deeper into the epidermis. Wear hats that put your face in the shadows and make sure that you also put on sun lotion to guard from dangerous UV rays.

Sometimes it may be helpful to apply a poultice to your face. In cases like these, you can find ingredients for the poultice you need off the internet, but you'd be better off getting a mixture from a licensed herbalist who specializes in creating these formulas. Poultices are usually warmed with water and applied to the face in small mesh-like bags where they're left to set for a little while while it draws out toxins and helps restore coloration.

A cheap method to engage in is something organic. Find a small lemon and cut it in half. Squeeze half of it into a small paper cup, soak it up with a cotton pad and swipe over the affected area. Let is sit for thirty minutes. After the thirty minutes wash your face gently with warm water. Doing this every day will help to pale darker spots of skin.

You may drink decaffeinated Green Tea every day. Over time this will eventually help to remove scarring, since Green Tea helps in the restoration process of damaged skin tissue. There are oils and serums available that are applied to the affected area twice daily. If you're not willing to wait, then there's also the option of laser treatment.

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14 Oct, 2011

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