Third Giveaway Winner

Hello everybody,

Although I was supposed to announce the winner of My Makeup Blog's Third Giveaway on Monday, I was totally busy. For those who've followed me on Twitter, my mom just came to visit on Sunday and she got motion sickness after sitting in the plane for too long. So Monday and Tuesday was for mom to get better and stuff (and for me to get used to sleeping in a living room, as well!)

So, I hope you don't mind me to announce the winner today. I actually picked out on Monday but didn't get a chance to post things up. Again, I'm using to select the winner and...

...the prize goes to lucky commenter number 20.
You can click here to see the order of your entry.

Congratulations to the winner, I'll contact you shortly. For those who joined this giveaway: thank you for your support and I hope you continue to be my readers. And don't worry, there will be other opportunities in the future for you to win stuff.

Take care, everyone! And have a nice day!


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