Daybreak Aeval FOTD

Hi everybody,

Lately, if you’ve noticed I have not posted a lot of FOTDs at all. I felt uninspired to do any looks and even when I tried to do a look, it became the same old-same old me-drag that I always talked about. Now, it would be fine if it were just for me. But for the blog, I need something more wonderful, right?

Daybreak Aeval FOTD

Then I saw this look that Le Midget did in her YouTube channel. I’ve been secretly loving her channel and watching her doing makeup is a joy. She has a way to create very doable but gorgeous looks and most times, I can recreate them. After watching it, I was so revved up that I started searching for some similar colors.

Then came Archetype cosmetics pigment samples. I really cherish them and rarely touch them at all. After waiting about 45 days for them to come, I’d better be careful. I chose Daybreak Aeval and Verre de Soie. While I’ve used Verre de Soie before, this was the first time I tried Daybreak Aeval and loved every single minute of it. Archetype cosmetics pigments are outstandingly gorgeous and really pigmented. A little bit does go a very long way.

Items used on the eyes: Boom by Silk Naturals, Verre de Soie and Daybreak Aeval by Archetype Cosmetics, and Stormy by Clinique

Generally, I followed the direction but made changes and substitutions.


A closeup shot at my eye

Semi-open eye
You can see how gorgeous the pigments are!

Jane Be Pure eyeliner as a base, then applied Daybreak Aeval to my eyelids. I used Stormy on my outer V and slightly blended it into my crease. I used the leftover pigments to apply on the lower lash line. To highlight, I used Boom and slightly blend it downward. Then, to accent the inner corner of the eyes, I applied Verre de Soie.

I used the Sephora faux lashes after applying mascara. Then, I used an eyelash curler to blend the fake and real lashes together.

Cheeks: I used Adorned with Grace minerals shimmer blush in Glamorous.

Lips: I used Sock Hop lip glass from Heatherette collection and voila, it’s done!

Another head shot, I even wore my fancy earrings :)
(I used "Glow" function to color correct my skin a bit, I'm tan now!)

Usually, I do not look good in green eyeshadows. However, darkening Daybreak Aeval with a dark base is a genius idea! Now, I have another smokey eyed look that I adore!

That’s all for today. I hope you enjoy this look. What do you think about it? Comment, comment please!


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